Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Morning in Rainy Oregon

Enjoying another rainy morning in Southern Oregon. We have been fortunate to have a mild winter so's been foggy and cloudy but not much rain or snow. This morning it has been raining cats and dogs. We live in a mobile home and the rain was hitting the roof so hard that I could hardly think. Thank goodness that we have a double roof on our mobile home that does mute the sound somewhat.

Speaking of sounds........we have neighbors 4 houses down from us that play their music so loud that we can hear it above our conversations and TV or radio. They play this thumping music so loud it vibrates the mobile home at times. They don't care how late they play their night it was on from around 5:30pm until 6am the next morning. We have talked to one of the neighbors across the street and he said that the sheriff's department cannot do much about it unless we call them and report it. The sheriff's department said they would monitor the complaints and after they got so many (didn't say how many they needed) they would respond to the house where the music is being played loud. By the time they respond we will be deaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm already deaf in my right ear and my left ear intensifies sounds.

I better quit blogging and prepare breakfast. Then I need to get ready for church services this morning.

After church I hope to sew some. Yesterday I didn't sew much because I worked on a cross-stitch project. I haven't worked on it for a while because the lighting needed improvement in the living room. Now, I have better lighting and it was easier to cross-stitch yesterday. I'll post a photo of my cross-stitch project later.

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