Monday, March 22, 2010

Wildlife Safari

Mounds of mud are actually Flamingo Nests.





Brown Bear

Watusi Cattle




Great White Hunter - Rich

Pigmy Goat with 4 kids

Story about Snowball



Rich and I stopped by Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon on Friday afternoon and bought our Season Pass. For $70 the 2 of us can go thru the drive-thru park as many times as we wish. The normal prices are $17.99 each for adults. That gets you 2 trips in one day thru the park. The Safari Village is free. We walked around the village for a while and then decided to have dinner at The White Rhino. We had Rhino Baskets...basically a cheeseburger and french fries. It was yummy!!!!

We had decided that we would go back on Saturday and drive thru the park. When we got up it was foggy and so we didn't get to go until almost noon. We showed our pass at the ticket booth and received our daily tickets. We decided to drive thru the park and then go to the village later.

As soon as we started driving thru the gate into the park we was greeted by a ostrich. She didn't want to move......just wanted to look into our windshield. One of the park rangers told Rich to keep driving slowly and she would move out of the way. Very reluctantly she moved so we could drive past her. She did the same thing to the car behind us.

The park is set up into different areas.....Asian, African, North American, ect. We love all the different areas. Today we was able to see the brown bears easily...but the bison were way up on the hill. It's like that......each time you go you get to see different animals close-up.

They was having an elephant car wash for $20 donation. Even though Kermi (our van) needed washed we passed up the opportunity.

After driving thru the park we went back and parked Kermi and went into the village. A couple was having their wedding there in the village that afternoon. They brought one of the cheetah out so the couple could have their photo taken with it. We was standing in line at the coffee hut and had to move back so they could walk by with the cheetah. She was so beautiful. We was still standing in line at the coffee hut when they brought the cheetah back to her run. She is the cheetah that is in my up close photos that I posted. I will have to find out her name....I know it starts with a "S".

We walked around after finally getting our drinks! Did I mention that this was the first weekend of Spring Break here in Oregon? They had a record turnout for the day. We walked around looking at all the animals that they have in the village. Rich's favorite is the Cheetah and mine is the Flamingos. This is the first time we have ever seen the mud nests that the Flamingos build.

After all the walking around we went to the White Rhino and had lunch. We had the Rhino Baskets again. They were just as good today as Friday. We had bottled water instead of soda.

After lunch we walked around some more. We had plans to drive thru the park again. When we got in the van Rich told me that he felt we should go home as I looked really tired. I was.....darned Fibromyalgia gets in my way of having fun. He said that we had all year to visit Wildlife Safari.........and we would be back soon!!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bobbie!!!!

Bobbie was born in Crescent City, CA just days before the Tsunami hit that would devestate the community. Bobbie was born on March 18, 1964 and the Tsunami hit on March 27th. We were very fortunate to have brought Mom and Bobbie home before the Tsunami hit. The hospital sits right next to the ocean. In fact, I was able to watch the seals playing in the surf from the waiting room windows. The maturnity ward and nursery were located in the basement at that time and it was flooded by the Tsunami.

Being a only child for 12 1/2 years it took time to adjust to having a baby sister. To me it seems like all she did was eat, sleep and did I mention cry? For I while I thought that we should take her back and trade her for one of the seals. I still tease her about wanting to trade her for a seal even today.

It's been fun watching Bobbie grow up through the years. We both love to sew, paint, cross-stitch, scrapbook, cook and take photos.

Before Bobbie was married we went to Cake Decorating classes with Mom and a friend of ours, Ann. We had a blast. Of course with 3 in the family taking lessons and each making a cake per week the family got tired of cake. Mom made Bobbie's wedding cake. We all helped, even Dad do the church decorations. Mom, Bobbie, Nancy, Sandy and I made all of the floral arrangements, bouquet and buttonaires. I had the honor of making all the dresses for the wedding, including the bridal gown. Bobbie was so beautiful when walked down the aisle to become Mrs. Michael Gray in May, 1983.

Bobbie and Mike was blessed with a beautiful daughter, Heather in April, 1989. Heather is busy working and attending college.

So, once again..........Happy Birthday, Bobbie!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I love St. Patrick's Day! I'm part maternal Grandfather was a McGuire. I've heard that someone in the family has traced the family back to 14th century Ireland. I really need to get that information for my geneology files.

Green is one of my favorite colors.....besides red and black. Today I'm wearing a bright spring green knit top and jeans.

I almost had a sister born on St. Patrick's Day.....but she waited until the 18th to be born. That's okay........she was born on Dad's youngest brother, Doc's birthday.

Don't eat too much corned beef and cabbage or drink too much green beer today!

Misty's Trip to the Vet

First off I need to tell you that Misty is a very timid kitty. She runs under the bed when she hears a loud noise, somebody driving up the driveway, anybody coming into the house except Rich and I. So it was quite an experience taking her to the Vet.

I had her carrier ready and waiting for the big event. I placed her pillow and a shirt of Rich's that she likes to lay on in a chair. Just a few minutes before Rich got home from work she came out of the bedroom and I was able to pick her up and place her reluctantly in her carrier. Did I happen to mention that she doesn't like to be picked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the time Rich drove up the driveway she was howling so loud he could hear her when he got out of the van. Rich carried her out to the van. We had decided to place her carrier on the back seat and Rich would sit beside her. She finally calmed down about half way to the Vet......10 miles from our home.

Rich carried her in to the vet and as all the ladies looked into her carrier to see Misty........she just sat there glaring at them. This was Misty's first visit to Dr. Tammy's. We didn't like the other vet we had taken her to before as his office, staff and the vet was cold as ice...........not one bit of warmth from any of them.

Rich carried Misty into the examination room. The young nurse decided that since Misty was so upset that she wouldn't get her out of the carrier until the vet came into the room. So she dodged the scale......for a little bit.

When Dr. Tammy came into the room she first talked to Misty in a soothing voice before ever trying to coax her out of the carrier. Finally she reached in and brought Misty out of the carrier. When she picked her up she told us that Misty was overweight! We had an idea that she was a few pounds overweight. Dr. Tammy said she weighed 17 pounds and needed to lose at least 4 pounds. Then she checked her temperature...Normal. When she checked her heartrate she said it sounded like Misty was on a treadmill. She said it was because she was stressed. She gave Misty her vacinations.

Misty has always had clumps of hair on her back that are matted. Usually I take scissors and clip them off. She has had them since she was a kitten. Dr. Tammy looked at them and said that Misty was a lazy groomer and just didn't groom herself on her back. So she took a comb and started combing out the matted underfur that was causing all the problems. She then brushed her with a small brush to remove more hair. We told her that Misty wouldn't let us brush her. She told us to put her on a slick surface and not our lap to brush her.

So far the vet visit was going better than we expected. We was standing and talking to the vet while she petted Misty. Somehow I took a step back and tripped over Misty's carrier. Yep, you guessed it! I fell flat on my butt.....right there in the exam room. I ended up hitting my head on the wall and was totally embarrassed! The vet had me sit on the floor for a while and put an icepack on my head. After a while Dr. Tammy and Rich helped me up off the floor. What an impression I made on Misty's first visit to the vet.

We finished discussing what we needed to do about Misty's weight problem. We have to cut back on her food and treats. She wants her to lose the 4 pounds over the next year.

Rich took Misty back out to the van as I paid for the office visit and everything. I was surprised it was only $53. Misty doesn't have to go back for a year.

Rich told me to go through the drive-thru at Burger King and get something for dinner. We had drinks at home so I only got a soda to drink on the way home. Everything was fine until I took off from a stop sign. The soda was in the drink holder and I forgot to hold it. Yep, it fell over and the lid came off and the whole drink spilled.

I told Rich that we better get back home soon before something else happened.

We got home and as soon as Rich opened the carrier door.......Misty ran to the bedroom and went under the bed. She finally came out several hours later.

This morning Misty was back on schedule waking Rich up for work at 4am. After his shower she was sitting in front of her bowl waiting for breakfast. I crawled out of bed a little sore after my fall yesterday.........but not to bad.

Just glad that she doesn't have to go back for a year!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Checking In

Sunday was my weigh-in day. I bought a new scale on Friday and this was the scale I used to weigh-in. My starting weight was from the doctors office. Anyway I lost 10.2 pounds. Next Sunday will be more accurate on the weight loss as I will be using my home scale.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Joined Weight Watcher's Online

I really need to lose some pounds!!!!!!!!! I'm a person that has to have a structured weight loss plan in order to lose weight. It is not possible right now for me to go to local meetings as they are about 30 miles one way from where I live. So I decided to join the online Weight Watcher's.

Of all days I decided to join.....Saturday!! I stayed under my points and didn't feel hungry all day.

On Sunday we decided to drive into town and go shopping. We ate breakfast before we left the house. We shopped for a while and then went to lunch at Taco Time. It was the one place that I didn't look up to see what I could eat within my points. Big Mistake! I love their Crisp Meat Burritos and Mexi Fries. I didn't realize that the Crisp Meat Burritos were going to be 12 points and Mexi Fries were 7 points. After we got home I had to have a snack before bedtime and that put me over in points for the day. So, I used some of my extra points that I'm allowed through the week.

So far today it's going great. I had a cinnamon-raisin bagel with FF cream cheese for breakfast. I'm not a person that likes a lot of typical breakfast foods. In fact......eggs make me sick, hate pancakes and don't like milk.

I'm going to cook up a big bag of chicken breasts this afternoon. They can be used for so many different dishes or just plain.

Off to find some yummy WW recipes to try out later.