Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My color choices for the New Year's Eve Mystery Quilt

I know, I know that I got the cart before the horse in posting photos. I just got all the fabrics laid out in one place so I could take the photo. The colors are a little muddled in the real life they are much prettier. Anyway this will give you an idea of the colors that I found in my stash to do this Mystery Quilt.

Update on Clue 1 of Mystery Quilt

I have all the Dark Yellow and Indigo pieces cut for all 120 blocks. I have about 75 of the Neutral pieces cut. Curiosity got the better of me and I just had to sew one of the blocks together. The block was not cooperating in the does lay flat and it is 3 1/2-inch square.

As you can see it takes a rotary cutter, mat and 3 different rulers to cut the pieces. Overkill in the ruler department........not really. Each ruler has a function. I use a 2x18-inch Draft N Cut ruler, 6 1/2-inch Easy Angle ruler and 6 1/2-inch Easy Square, Jr. I never used rulers like this until I found Bonnie Hunter's site and started using her patterns. The rulers make it so much easier cutting the pieces.

Now that my curiosity is satisfied.........I need to finish up housework that I've put off today so I could play with my stash.

Bonnie Hunter's New Year's Eve Mystery Quilt - Clue One

The first clue for Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight Mystery Quilt was posted this morning around 6:30am. The photo show what the finished block will look doesn't show that each block is 3 1/2-inches. We are to make 120 of these blocks.

My quilt will be a little scrappy as I am using several prints for each one of the colors. I want to use some of my stash instead of going out and buying more fabric. Of course............using several prints from my stash will diminish my stash and we can't have I will be shopping for more prints soon. I try to take advantage of Joann's sales and coupons.

On Black Friday after Thanksgiving I was able to purchase $140 worth of quilting supplies for $63 by using my coupons and buying what was on sale. I loved the early bird coupon that you could use to get a percentage off your whole purchase even sale items.

Off to walk for 15 minutes and then on to cutting pieces for my 120 blocks.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Anxiously Awaiting First Clue

The above photo was found on a quilt blog. I thought it was quite unique.

I'm anxiously awaiting the first clue for Bonnie Hunter's New Year's Eve Mystery Quilt. I have my fabrics picked out, pressed and ready to cut. Now I have to finish moving my sewing machine and getting everything arranged again. I don't know why I decided to move my sewing machine in the first place. I loved it where it was at and I had everything within reach that I needed.......rulers, rotary cutter, scissors, cutting mat, threads, fabric sorted by colors, ect.

Not only is Bonnie having a Mystery Quilt for New Year's. Planet is having one starting at 11am EST and ending at 5pm EST. There is also going to be a Mystery Quilt at starting at 8am EST. From the fabric listed it will be a wallhanging.

I will save the clues from both of these sites for another day. One of the ladies on a quilt group I belong to said that she will be doing 3 Mystery Quilts on New Year's Day. I don't think it would be a lot of fun trying to do 3 projects of this magnitude at one time. I would rather save 2 of the projects for another day.

Mystery Quilts can become additive I have found. I have finished 2 and will be starting my third as soon as Bonnie posts the first clue.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Is it New Year's Eve day yet???????????

I'm so excited about the new Mystery Quilt that Bonnie Hunter is doing this year on New Year's Eve day. I have my colors all picked out and ready to go. Now I'm just waiting for the first clue!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited????????

I moved my sewing machine to a different area in the living room about a month ago........thinking that I would have more room for everything. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! So today I'm going to put it back where it was located.

I know that I really should move everything into the craft/computer room........I can't stand being isolated when I am sewing. It's a good thing that Rich grew up with a sewing mother. She too, didn't like to be isolated. Her sewing machine was located in the dining room. Rick said that she would sew while all the kids did their schoolwork at the dining table.

Our living room, entry, dining room and kitchen are all open to each other. My sewing machine will be moved back to entry area. With it there I can use the dining table which is located close to the entry way. I just have to remember to push in my chair so that its not blocking the front door........which is hardly ever used as our mobile home is set up backwards and we enter through the back door. That's a lot easier that walking across the lawn and around the corner to the front door. The reason the mobile home was set up backwards is so that we could see out across the valley through the bay windows across the front of the mobile.........otherwise we would have been looking straight into a hillside. We bought the mobile home already set choice was not ours.

Well, I'm off to get laundry started and then start moving my sewing machine and fabric stash.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Double Delight Mystery Quilt

As most of you know I'm a huge fan of Bonnie She periodically has Mystery Quilts on her site. In the past she has done Carolina Crossroads, Orange Crush and Old Tobacco Road. I have finished Orange Crush and Old Tobacco Road tops.......they are waiting in line to be quilted. I didn't get in on the Carolina Crossroads project at the time it was going on.........I do have all the clues saved for a time when I need a project. Yeah, right!!!!!!!!! You needing a project. Bonnie's new Mystery Quilt is called Double Delight and it will start on New Year's Eve Day. She has already posted the material requirements. It calls for Double Pinks, Light Neutrals, Indigos, Brown and Gold/Cheddar. I hurried to my fabric stash.........and was soon disappointed that I didn't have any Double Pinks, Indigos, Brown or Gold/Cheddar. Now what am I going to do????????????? So soon after Christmas I can't go shopping for I need to sit and rethink my color choices Okay.........I found some beautiful red fabric I will use instead of Double Pinks............some shades of blue that are lighter than indigo..........some beautiful black with silver design that I will use instead of brown.........then I found some dark yellow with gold fabric that I can use for the Gold/Cheddar. I had recently bought several pieces of small tan and beige fabrics that I can use for the Light Neutrals. After placing all my fabrics together I think they will come together and make a beautiful quilt. Now, I have to patiently wait for the first clue

Friday, December 26, 2008

Over for Another Year

Christmas is over for another year!!!! To me, it didn't seem like we even had Christmas this year. I didn't feel like spending 2 weeks putting up our tree and decorating the house this year. Usually I can't wait to start dragging out all the boxes of Christmas Goodies. I kept dragging my feet until Rick asked me if I needed any help dragging all the boxes out of the storage shed. I told him that I really didn't feel like decorating for Christmas this year. He told me what ever I decided was okay with him. I kept thinking that I would find the energy to decorate..........I never did. Maybe not decorating the house was one of the reasons it didn't seem like Christmas to me this year.

I could go on and on about why it didn't feel like that it's over I guess it doesn't matter so I might as well focus on getting in the mood for next year. Maybe if I start now I can find my Christmas spirit that I seem to have lost this year.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm Still Around and Kickin'

It's hard to believe that I haven't posted to my blog since July. The reason why I haven't is because we have not had internet in our home since August. I have been going to the library and using the computer 1 hour each week. In that time I don't have time to blog........I barely got everything else done I needed. We now have our internet back in our home. It's so nice to be able to communicate with all my family and friends once again on a daily basis.

Rich is still busy working and counting down the years until he can retire. He has been having some medical issues. They found that some of his arteries around his heart are small. They think it is a heritary problem. He has to go back for more tests in March.

I have been doing pretty good lately with my Fibromyalgia. It hasn't gone still rears its ugly head some days and I can't get out of bed. I've been busy making Christmas gifts. I have been sewing pillows, tablerunners and crocheting hot pads. I think I can crochet the hot pads in my sleep. I'll have to take some photos and post later.

Talk to everyone later.