Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It''s been awhile since I updated!

I don't know where to begin in updating my blog. I've been having a lot of health issues lately and they are interfering in my life.
Right now I'm off work because I'm having trouble with my right knee. I was at work on the 20th and my right knee went out and I almost went down to the ground. I was on my lunch break and I managed to hobble back into work and find a manager so I could go home. They had to call a paramedic and have him look at my knee. He wouldn't let me drive home so I had to call my Dad. Dad stopped by my home and picked Rich up. They got me home and I couldn't get into the doctor until Thursday. I refuse to go to our local hospital-that's another whole story.
My doctor was out of town and I had to see the other doctor in the clinic. He told me to stay off of my leg and work for the next week. I go back to the doctor tomorrow. It's still swells and hurts if I'm up on it for more than an hour. I'm supposed to go back to work Friday................I just don''t know if I can or not. Will update tomorrow about my knee.

Rich and I had a quiet Christmas. It seems like any more the family is so scattered that it is hard for us to get together. I sure miss the good times we spent together during the holidays.