Thursday, March 09, 2006

Greetings from rainy Oregon

It's pouring down rain and the wind is howling tonight. Typical Oregon weather for this time of the year. I actually love the rain..........I'm a native Oregonian and we're born with webbed-feet. LOL

I'm excited tonight as I've just sold my first 2 items on Ebay. Since I haven't been able to work with my knee injury..........I decided to try selling on Ebay. In fact, I set up a store on Ebay. It's called Squirrel Tree Enterprises. I also sell under tahoecrafter. Yep, I got my account with Ebay when I lived in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

My problem with Ebay is that I like to buy too much for Rich and myself. I'm always buying books for Rich and I like to buy scrapbook supplies for myself. I don't bid on something unless it is a bargain. You have to take the shipping and handling into consideration too.

On Scrap101 I've been participating in a BOM challenge each week. It's been a lot of fun doing the weekly challenges. This week was to do a layout about our favorite cartoon. I did my about my favorite.........Woody Woodpecker. I've love him since I was about 3 years old. Oh my goodness!!!! That's over 50 years.

I wonder what our challenge will be next week? Even though my own sister, Bobbie, runs the challenge I have to wait until she posts it on the group site. So much for being favorite sister!! LOL

Speaking of Bobbie, I wonder what I should get her for her birthday this month. Maybe I'll get her some of those cute _______, or _________, or _________ that she was admiring at the scrapbook store when she last visited.

Back to scrapping!!!!!!!!!!!!