Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Rich

This photo was take on our 10th Anniversary in 1983.

Today it's 27 years later and we are celebrating our 37th anniversary.

Rich, thank you for all of the wonderful years and look forward to another 37 years together. Can't wait until you are able to retire and we can travel.

Love, Shirley

Monday, June 21, 2010

Trip to the Oregon Coast

Cranberry Bogs south of Bandon, Oregon. Later they will be flooded.
Rock formation on the beach at Cape Blanco
Rich walking down path to see the sign. After his hike down it was a sign telling about the wildlife in the area.
The beach on the north side of Cape Blanco
Cape Blanco Lighthouse
Wild Iris....I think!
The Queen Ann's Lace was huge.
Another Iris....I think!
Seal at the mouth of the Rogue River
He put on quite a show for us.
This is the biggest ship we have seen at the mouth of the Rogue River. It is the Yaquina Corp of Engineers US Army
It turned around
The seal was playful
Yaquina Corp of Engineers US Army
Our room at Motel 6 in Gold Beach, Oregon
Rich digging through the bargain books
Rich looking out onto the horizon at Gold Beach
Lots and lots of driftwood.
Oregon Coast south of Port Orford
Curvy road around Humbug Mountain
These two rock formations remind me of a whale
No matter where you go in Oregon.......there is going to be road construction
24 hour flagger
Beach south of Battle Rock
Shirley with Battle Rock in background
Rich deciding if he wanted a chocolate muffin for a snack or wait until later for breakfast
Beach south of Battle Rock
Battle Rock at the edge of Port Orford
Story of Battle Rock

Rich and I went over to the Oregon Coast to celebrate our 37th Wedding Anniversary. The weather was beautiful. Around 60 degrees and a slight wind. We walked around in short sleeves the whole weekend.

We left home on Saturday morning and arrived over at the coast about 9am. We stopped in Bandon to see if the Bandon Merchantile Store was open. It didn't open until 10am. We decided to stop on our way home Sunday as they would be open at 11am. We then stopped at Battle Rock City Park in Port Orford. It was beautiful. Usually there is morning fog and you can't see very far......today it was sunny and clear. The ocean was very smooth and so colorful.

We continued to drive down the coast to Gold Beach. Of course......there was road construction. It is a challenge for the road department to keep the highway open.....the road has a tendency to sink and there are lots of slides.

Our favorite place to visit in Gold Beach is the jetty. Where the Rogue River meets the Pacific Ocean. There is a community of cats that live there......the Jetty Cats. We didn't see any cats or kittens over the weekend as there was too much activities along the jetty. There was several people fishing close to the Jetty Cats little houses.

We got an opportunity to see the ship Yaquina as it was at the mouth of the river. This is the biggest ship that we have ever seen in the river. It was a small ship. On the side it said Yaquina Corp of Engineers US Army. As we watched they turned the ship around and showed us all her sides.

While watching the ship we was also watching the show that a seal was performing for us close to the rocks. He would surface, roll over and then dive down. Then he decided to get on the rocks and sunbathe. He would look up over the rocks to see if we was watching him. They are so cute. The fishermen get upset because they are known to take a salmon or other fish right off their lines.

We spent Saturday night at the Motel 6 in Gold Beach. It is a very nice place and really quiet. We had pizza delivered for our dinner from one of the local deli's. It was yummy.

The next morning we headed back towards home. We drove down to the Cape Blanco Lighthouse and looked around. The lighthouse wasn't open yet for tours and we didn't want to wait for 2 hours for it to open.

We drove on up to Bandon and had breakfast at the Minute Cafe. Rich ordered pancakes, eggs and sausage and I ordered Biscuits and Gravy............big mistake on my part. I took one bite and it tasted terrible. I couldn't eat it. Rich told the waitress that I couldn't eat the Biscuits and Gravy because it tasted terrible to me. She told us that lots of other people thought it was the best. She asked me what I wanted instead of the Biscuits and Gravy. I told her I would have what Rich had ordered. When I finally got my food.........I found out why the Biscuits and Gravy tasted terrible......it was the sausage they used. It had a terrible taste to it.

We stopped at the Bandon Merchantile and looked at a soda maker that we had seen advertised on TV. The lady showed us how it worked and let us taste some Diet Cola that she made. It was really good. We will probably go back and buy one later.

We continued our trip home. We got home around 4pm. Misty was glad to see us.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Visitor in our Front Yard Last Night

This little fellow visited us last night. Rich and I spent about an hour watching him out the bay window in front of our mobile. He would pick and choose his grass very carefully.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Dad 1932-2010

Yesterday at 7:14am Dad passed away peacefully. What can I say....I'm a Daddy's Girl and will miss him dearly.