Friday, August 27, 2010

ALS Walk Sept. 12, 2010 UPDATE

UPDATE Rich and I will not be able to participate in the ALS Walk. I've been having health issues that will not allow me to participate this year.

On Sept. 12, 2010 Rich and I will be participating in the ALS Walk in Medford, Oregon. As most of our family and friends know we lost our dear friend, Danny to ALS on December 26, 2004. He was 54 years old when he died of complications of ALS. We miss him each and every day.

It is too late for Danny......but we need to find a cure for ALS. If possible could you please help us reach our goal. Please visit my personal page or search for our team....Pappys Crew

Thursday, August 26, 2010

This and That!

Fall Fabrics to make pumpkins!

Rag Rug Kit

Wallhanging Patterns

Air Refreshener Dolls

Baskets.....Oh My!!!

This morning I had to go into town to have some lab work done. While waiting for my appointment I went to Joanns. I found some pretty fall fabric to make some pumpkins! Now, I'm sitting here patiently waiting for my pumpkin pattern to arrive in the mail.

After having my lab work done I stopped at the Saint Vincent De Paul thrift shop in our little community. Today was my lucky day.........Baskets and Crafts were 50% off today. I found several baskets for 25 cents. I found the Rag Rug Kit for $1, the air refreshener dolls for 25 cents each, and the 2 wall hanging patterns for 25 cents each. I was doing the happy dance as I left the store!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cut out 6 fabric apples last night and I want to cut out 6 fabric pears tonight. I think they will look awesome in a couple of my new baskets. Will post photos when I get them finished.

I also purchased some 4-ply yarn to do some crocheting! I went to 3 different stores and none of them had very good selections of yarn or colors. I wanted some peach colored yarn for some little dolls I'm making for some Bassinett Purses......not a skein of peach yarn anywhere. I had to settle for pink and its not what I wanted. I will probably have to order yarn on line to get the colors I think they would have gold, orange, moss, tan, and varigated autumn colors that I need for my crocheted scarecrows........No!

I love living in a small community until I need craft supplies and then its not fun anymore. I have to drive at least 90 miles for a super Joanns, large Michael's, etc.

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!!!!!!!!

Today would have been Dad's 78th birthday. We lost Dad on June 1st this year. He had just returned from camping and fishing when he had a massive heart attack and complications.

Rest in peace, Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Primitive Pumpkin Gal

My fellow blogger, Gina from CAt Nap InN PrIMitIveS (see sidebar for her blog) makes the cutest Prim items. She posts them on her blog and sells them at various places posted on her blog. Anyway, she made the cutest Prim Pumpkins and embroidered designs on them. I want to make some Pumpkins and went searching for a pattern. I haven't found the pattern yet.......but I did find the adorable Primitive Pumpkin Gal at Thru The Attic Door It was so easy to purchase the pattern and download it without having to wait for a paper pattern. I have it all printed and ready to make. Instead of painting her orange color on muslin I'm going to find the perfect orange fabric for her. I already have the fabric for her dress in my stash.

I love to make dolls and stuffed animals. I used to make dolls and stuffed animals and sell them at flea marts and craft shows. I enjoyed the making of the dolls and stuffed animals.......but I hated the selling part. I got so tired of people telling me that my prices were too high, their mother, sister or neighbor could make them, would I let them have the pattern for free, on and on! So, I dropped out of the flea marts and craft shows.

Back to looking for a pumpkin pattern!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


One of my favorite layouts of my best friend, Danny. He realized one of his dreams by being able to visit Howling Acres and pet a wolf.

I love to scrapbook...although I've been in quite a slump lately! I need some motivation...........I have tons of paper, embellishments, tools, and photos printed, etc......just need to find motivation.

I belong to Scrap101 Yahoo Group and it's pretty slow right now. So, I issued a challenge for everyone including at least 1 layout by the end of the month.

I'm trying to decide if I want to work on photos of Rich's 60th birthday, Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show, Josh and Rosa's wedding, Stacy and Florin's wedding or Zach and Mandy's wedding....or ???????????????

Well, sitting here on the computer is not getting anything accomplished so I out of here.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

I Did It!!!!!!!!!!!

Rich with his birthday balloons

South Jetty, Bandon, Oregon

Coquille Light House at the mouth of the Coquille River


Saturday we celebrated Rich's 60th birthday. We started off with breakfast at Marla Kaye's Cafe in Canoyonville, Oregon. Rich was surprised with his birthday balloons that was on the table for him. We decided to go home and drop off the birthday balloons so we wouldn't have them in the car going over to Bandon. It was a warm and sunny day for the trip. We stopped at the Visitor's Center and talked to a nice man about getting down to the beach. We had never been able to find any nice beaches before on previous trips. He gave us a map and highlighted the best places to go. We had so much fun walking on the beach and of course......I did find a few rocks to add to my collection. We sat on driftwood watching and listening to all the sights and sounds of the ocean and surrounding area. After a while we decided to have our picnic lunch. We had Little Smokies, cheese, homemade potato salad, chips and soft drinks. It was so much fun sitting on the driftwood and eating our lunch. Of course......we was a little concerned with the seagulls flying over our heads while we was eating.

We took off and drove around Beach Loop and stopped at several parks along the way. We want to go back over and check out some more of the areas later.

We headed home in the late afternoon. The farther we drove inland toward home the hotter it became. Rich and I decided that when he retires we will be moving over to the coast where it is cooler. Neither one of us can handle the heat anymore. So, we will be doing a lot of research to decide where we want to relocate to in approximately 3 years.

Rich kept telling me that this birthday was the best of the best! He said that he was totally surprised with my plans for his birthday. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pulled it off and surprised him.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Planning for Rich's 60th Birthday!

This coming Friday is my dear hubby, Rich's 60th birthday! I wanted to plan something special for him because he always tells me that his birthday is just another day in his life. I've been pondering for the last few weeks just what to do for his birthday to make it memorable.

So here are a my plans so far!

We will be celebrating on Saturday as I just found out that he decided to take off his birthday.......Thanks, Rich you just made it a little bit tricky to pull off my plans for Saturday......but I love you anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Saturday morning we head out for our favorite cafe....Marla Kay's for breakfast. Oh did I mention that on Friday I will be delivering a big bouquet of balloons that Marla will set on our usual table right before we arrive for breakfast! Also a card and one of those front page newspaper that I designed for his birthday. After all a man needs to read his newspaper while waiting for his breakfast to be delivered. I thought about flowers too......we will be driving up over to the Oregon Coast and I'm afraid they might turn over so I think I'll skip the flowers. Rich loves to walk on the beach and then find a comfortable place to watch the ocean. He says that it takes away all the stress and makes him whole again. I'll pack a picnic lunch for us to enjoy when we get hungry.

I do hope that he enjoys my plans for his 60th birthday........oh and he has already warned me that paybacks are a ..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I reminded him that my 60th birthday was a while down the road.......and he said that he had a memory like an elephant and wouldn't forget!!!!!!!!