Thursday, February 28, 2008

Misty and Rich The first Dotee Doll I made

Work in Progress: Roostin' Robin Project

Scrub Top I made for Rich

Misty sitting on the Scrappy Christmas Quilt top I recently finished
I thought I better take the time to catch-up on my blog. I've been very busy sewing. I've been making scrub tops for Rich, quilt tops, and my latest find........Dotee Dolls.
Dotee Dolls are little whimsical dolls. They were started by a lady in Austrailia. There is no pattern for design your own. They are between 3 and 5 inches. There are no arms and just beads for legs. You can embellish them however you choose. The first one I made was the one above. I love them. Silly but cute!!!!!!
I've recently finished my Scrappy Christmas Quilt top. I have to purchase the batting and backing to finish it. It started out with 9-patch blocks using lots and lots of 4 -inch Christmas charms I had purchased on Ebay. After making all the 9-patch blocks I decided to put a border on them. I used the border from my Bright Hopes blocks. I choose 4 different Christmas prints for my border prints. I did each border the same. That way they would make a design on the top. If you look around Misty in the photo you can see the design. Misty loves to get in the middle of the quilt tops when I put them on the bed to take photos.
I bought the Garfield fabric that I made Rich's scrub top in Carson City, NV several years ago. I had packed it away when we moved back to Oregon and forgot about it. I was going through a box of fabrics and found it the other day. Rich loves to wear scrub tops so I thought I would use some of the fabric for one. He loves it! I have enough fabric left to make a pair of scrub pants to match. I have several more scrub tops and pants that I want to make for Rich. He started wearing scrub tops and pants when he was a surgery tech.
The work in progress is a Roostin' Robin that I'm participating in on one of my Yahoo Quilting Groups. This Robin is different than don't send the project to anybody else. You keep it at home. We started this project in January. The first month we made a center block 16 1/2 inches. For February we added 12 8 1/2-inch blocks around the center block. I made each of my 12 blocks with the Disappearing 9-patch block pattern. Waiting for the first of March to see what we do next.
I have several quilts that I'm working on. I keep each one in separate boxes. I have a Scrappy fall colors quilt, Shades of Purple Roostin' Robin, Pinwheel quilt, Baltimore Blues, Churndash, Kitty quilt for Rich, Jungle quilt for our bedroom, a memorial quilt for Danny, String quilt and scrappy Bright Hopes quilt all in various stages. I am also participating in a Quilt Block Birthday swap. For my birthday I will receive 12 quilt blocks done in various patterns using Red, Black, White and Gray colors. I will use these for a quilt.
I have also been participating in a 48 Week challenge on one of my Yahoo Quilt Groups. The object of the challenge is to make gift items each week to use for Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays, etc. Each week we have a specific project to do. We have done placemats, candle mats, potholders, towels, ect. so far. This week is pillow tops. We post photos of our finished gifts and are eligible for small prizes. So far, I have made placemats, potholders, coasters and I'm working on pillow tops right now.
Not only have I been sewing.........I've been crocheting. I made cute dress potholders for a Valentine's Day swap on one of my SparkPeople teams. I made them red trimmed in white. We are assigned a partner from the leader of the team. The lady that received mine.........loved them and won't use them as potholders. She uses them as tivets. I have made several others to add to my box of gift items.
I'm now crocheting a flower project for the Spring Flower Swap on the same team. I choose to make a Cactus Flower. I'm using a pattern that I designed several years ago. I will post a photo of my finished flower after my partner has received it. I want it to be a surprise and I don't know who my partner is yet........and she might read my blog.
I love the photo of Rich and Misty standing on the porch. Misty is a indoor cat. We don't let her outside as there is too many dangers in our neighborhood. We are afraid that the wild animals will kill her as so many of our neighbors have lost their pets to cougars, fox, hawks, etc. There are also some not so nice to animal humans in our neighborhood. We do take her outside in the fresh air everyday......either we hold her or she is on a leash. We would love to build her a enclosure off the livingroom window so she could go outdoors and be protected from dangers.
I'm still embarked on my weight loss journey. It's going slow right now. I've lost 40 pounds so far and have more to lose.
Family Update:
Dad and Mae are doing great. They've been visiting the Indian Casinos and having a blast. They are looking forward to summer and fishing. They have a 2 week fishing/camping trip planned for May.
My nephew Joshua was married on Feb. 16th. His beautiful bride is Rosa.
Rich's nephew Jermaine will be married on March 8th to Maria in Spokane, WA
Rich's Dad had a stroke on Feb. 16th. He is doing better now and is at home.
Bobbie and Mike went to Hawaii in January to celebrate their 25th anniversary.
Well, I think I've caught up on most everything, I hope!