Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Family in the Neighborhood!

This morning when Rick started to work he discovered a Mama Cat and her kittens by our woodpile. He thought there was 3 kittens....turns out there is 5 kittens.

NO........the Mama Cat and her kittens don't belong to us. They are the result of an STUPID pet owner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They drove off and left the Mama Cat and her sibling (Gray Cat) about 3 months old to fend for themselves when they moved.

At least Mama Cat knew where her babies would be safe. We are now feeding them and will make sure that they find good homes. I would love to adopt the little one with the stubby tail like its Mama. Don't know if Misty would accept the little one or not.

I won't post what I would love to say to the STUPID people that caused this situation on my blog as I consider it a family blog. know who you are and what goes around comes around!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Time To Remember..............

Ten years ago today.....Rich and I was living in South Lake Tahoe, CA. We were enjoying a day off together....something that didn't happen often. We was still sleeping when our friend, Brian called us and told us that we had been attacked. He told us to turn on the TV. Rick and I raced into the livingroom and turned on the TV. We sat and watched in horror what was happening in our country. Those images still haunt us to this day.......