Friday, January 27, 2006

Update on my knee injury

I've been off work since December 21st with my knee. I ended up having an MRI and they discovered that I have a torn medial miniscus. I just went to the orthopedic doctor and he decided to give me an cortisone injection in my knee to see if we could prevent surgery. NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!!! I'm diabetic and I had a reaction to the injection. My blood sugar elevated to over 200. It's usually never over 120 - 130 after I eat.

Today is the 3rd day after the injection and my blood sugar is starting to lower. Now that I know what caused it............I'm not so scared or worried about my blood sugar levels.

I talked it over with Rich and he agrees that I don't want to have another injection. My knee feels a little better........but not much. If I'm up on it standing or walking for more than an hour it starts swelling and hurting.

I go to the rhuemotogist next week. They think that I have arthritis in both my knees. Will update about it later.

Remembering a Special Friend

It's so hard to believe that my best friend, Danny has been gone from my life for over a year now. It's been very difficult for me accepting Danny's death. I've felt sad, anger, disbelief, lonesome, etc. this last year.

I find that in remembering all the fun times, visits, picnics in the middle of winter, dreams we shared, emails, quiet times we spent together, and discussing the makes me sad to know that times like those are never to be had with my special friend, Danny, again here on earth.

I thank God that he let me share those special times with Danny.

For Danny: As always you will be in my heart, my thoughts, my prayers and my soul.
Love, Shirley