Thursday, August 26, 2010

This and That!

Fall Fabrics to make pumpkins!

Rag Rug Kit

Wallhanging Patterns

Air Refreshener Dolls

Baskets.....Oh My!!!

This morning I had to go into town to have some lab work done. While waiting for my appointment I went to Joanns. I found some pretty fall fabric to make some pumpkins! Now, I'm sitting here patiently waiting for my pumpkin pattern to arrive in the mail.

After having my lab work done I stopped at the Saint Vincent De Paul thrift shop in our little community. Today was my lucky day.........Baskets and Crafts were 50% off today. I found several baskets for 25 cents. I found the Rag Rug Kit for $1, the air refreshener dolls for 25 cents each, and the 2 wall hanging patterns for 25 cents each. I was doing the happy dance as I left the store!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cut out 6 fabric apples last night and I want to cut out 6 fabric pears tonight. I think they will look awesome in a couple of my new baskets. Will post photos when I get them finished.

I also purchased some 4-ply yarn to do some crocheting! I went to 3 different stores and none of them had very good selections of yarn or colors. I wanted some peach colored yarn for some little dolls I'm making for some Bassinett Purses......not a skein of peach yarn anywhere. I had to settle for pink and its not what I wanted. I will probably have to order yarn on line to get the colors I think they would have gold, orange, moss, tan, and varigated autumn colors that I need for my crocheted scarecrows........No!

I love living in a small community until I need craft supplies and then its not fun anymore. I have to drive at least 90 miles for a super Joanns, large Michael's, etc.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Man Shirley you did hit the motherload of good deals..I can't believe they didn't have any peach yarn..redonkulous!!! have a great weekend..I have made 4 more pumpkins with about another 13 to go...have the neatest designs and doing some in glow in the dark..very will love your punkin pattern..very addicting.;)