Monday, August 23, 2010

Primitive Pumpkin Gal

My fellow blogger, Gina from CAt Nap InN PrIMitIveS (see sidebar for her blog) makes the cutest Prim items. She posts them on her blog and sells them at various places posted on her blog. Anyway, she made the cutest Prim Pumpkins and embroidered designs on them. I want to make some Pumpkins and went searching for a pattern. I haven't found the pattern yet.......but I did find the adorable Primitive Pumpkin Gal at Thru The Attic Door It was so easy to purchase the pattern and download it without having to wait for a paper pattern. I have it all printed and ready to make. Instead of painting her orange color on muslin I'm going to find the perfect orange fabric for her. I already have the fabric for her dress in my stash.

I love to make dolls and stuffed animals. I used to make dolls and stuffed animals and sell them at flea marts and craft shows. I enjoyed the making of the dolls and stuffed animals.......but I hated the selling part. I got so tired of people telling me that my prices were too high, their mother, sister or neighbor could make them, would I let them have the pattern for free, on and on! So, I dropped out of the flea marts and craft shows.

Back to looking for a pumpkin pattern!


Jessica Marie said...

They just don't seem to understand how much work and love goes into making each doll. They "could" have someone else make them, but you know they won't. It's their loss. :P
It is hard to part with a creation after you've transformed it from raw material to a life-like doll with a unique personality.

meeyeehere said...

I never could make anything but I can relate to how you feel.
Jessica is right,people just don't understand what you put in and how hard it is to let someone buy one and them not know how hard it was.
I hope you make some still, at least for your own private collection.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

What a cute pattern..and glad you got the pumpkin pattern you will become hooked..and thanks for the nice complement are such a doll and a great friend too..and I know where you are coming from..unless you sew you have no idea what we put into these creations that we make..and unfortunately we never get what we should truly be wanting for them..and like Jess said they can make it..but they won't..;) happy sewing.;)