Monday, December 29, 2008

Is it New Year's Eve day yet???????????

I'm so excited about the new Mystery Quilt that Bonnie Hunter is doing this year on New Year's Eve day. I have my colors all picked out and ready to go. Now I'm just waiting for the first clue!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited????????

I moved my sewing machine to a different area in the living room about a month ago........thinking that I would have more room for everything. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! So today I'm going to put it back where it was located.

I know that I really should move everything into the craft/computer room........I can't stand being isolated when I am sewing. It's a good thing that Rich grew up with a sewing mother. She too, didn't like to be isolated. Her sewing machine was located in the dining room. Rick said that she would sew while all the kids did their schoolwork at the dining table.

Our living room, entry, dining room and kitchen are all open to each other. My sewing machine will be moved back to entry area. With it there I can use the dining table which is located close to the entry way. I just have to remember to push in my chair so that its not blocking the front door........which is hardly ever used as our mobile home is set up backwards and we enter through the back door. That's a lot easier that walking across the lawn and around the corner to the front door. The reason the mobile home was set up backwards is so that we could see out across the valley through the bay windows across the front of the mobile.........otherwise we would have been looking straight into a hillside. We bought the mobile home already set choice was not ours.

Well, I'm off to get laundry started and then start moving my sewing machine and fabric stash.


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