Sunday, December 28, 2008

Double Delight Mystery Quilt

As most of you know I'm a huge fan of Bonnie She periodically has Mystery Quilts on her site. In the past she has done Carolina Crossroads, Orange Crush and Old Tobacco Road. I have finished Orange Crush and Old Tobacco Road tops.......they are waiting in line to be quilted. I didn't get in on the Carolina Crossroads project at the time it was going on.........I do have all the clues saved for a time when I need a project. Yeah, right!!!!!!!!! You needing a project. Bonnie's new Mystery Quilt is called Double Delight and it will start on New Year's Eve Day. She has already posted the material requirements. It calls for Double Pinks, Light Neutrals, Indigos, Brown and Gold/Cheddar. I hurried to my fabric stash.........and was soon disappointed that I didn't have any Double Pinks, Indigos, Brown or Gold/Cheddar. Now what am I going to do????????????? So soon after Christmas I can't go shopping for I need to sit and rethink my color choices Okay.........I found some beautiful red fabric I will use instead of Double Pinks............some shades of blue that are lighter than indigo..........some beautiful black with silver design that I will use instead of brown.........then I found some dark yellow with gold fabric that I can use for the Gold/Cheddar. I had recently bought several pieces of small tan and beige fabrics that I can use for the Light Neutrals. After placing all my fabrics together I think they will come together and make a beautiful quilt. Now, I have to patiently wait for the first clue

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