Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Misty's Trip to the Vet

First off I need to tell you that Misty is a very timid kitty. She runs under the bed when she hears a loud noise, somebody driving up the driveway, anybody coming into the house except Rich and I. So it was quite an experience taking her to the Vet.

I had her carrier ready and waiting for the big event. I placed her pillow and a shirt of Rich's that she likes to lay on in a chair. Just a few minutes before Rich got home from work she came out of the bedroom and I was able to pick her up and place her reluctantly in her carrier. Did I happen to mention that she doesn't like to be picked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the time Rich drove up the driveway she was howling so loud he could hear her when he got out of the van. Rich carried her out to the van. We had decided to place her carrier on the back seat and Rich would sit beside her. She finally calmed down about half way to the Vet......10 miles from our home.

Rich carried her in to the vet and as all the ladies looked into her carrier to see Misty........she just sat there glaring at them. This was Misty's first visit to Dr. Tammy's. We didn't like the other vet we had taken her to before as his office, staff and the vet was cold as ice...........not one bit of warmth from any of them.

Rich carried Misty into the examination room. The young nurse decided that since Misty was so upset that she wouldn't get her out of the carrier until the vet came into the room. So she dodged the scale......for a little bit.

When Dr. Tammy came into the room she first talked to Misty in a soothing voice before ever trying to coax her out of the carrier. Finally she reached in and brought Misty out of the carrier. When she picked her up she told us that Misty was overweight! We had an idea that she was a few pounds overweight. Dr. Tammy said she weighed 17 pounds and needed to lose at least 4 pounds. Then she checked her temperature...Normal. When she checked her heartrate she said it sounded like Misty was on a treadmill. She said it was because she was stressed. She gave Misty her vacinations.

Misty has always had clumps of hair on her back that are matted. Usually I take scissors and clip them off. She has had them since she was a kitten. Dr. Tammy looked at them and said that Misty was a lazy groomer and just didn't groom herself on her back. So she took a comb and started combing out the matted underfur that was causing all the problems. She then brushed her with a small brush to remove more hair. We told her that Misty wouldn't let us brush her. She told us to put her on a slick surface and not our lap to brush her.

So far the vet visit was going better than we expected. We was standing and talking to the vet while she petted Misty. Somehow I took a step back and tripped over Misty's carrier. Yep, you guessed it! I fell flat on my butt.....right there in the exam room. I ended up hitting my head on the wall and was totally embarrassed! The vet had me sit on the floor for a while and put an icepack on my head. After a while Dr. Tammy and Rich helped me up off the floor. What an impression I made on Misty's first visit to the vet.

We finished discussing what we needed to do about Misty's weight problem. We have to cut back on her food and treats. She wants her to lose the 4 pounds over the next year.

Rich took Misty back out to the van as I paid for the office visit and everything. I was surprised it was only $53. Misty doesn't have to go back for a year.

Rich told me to go through the drive-thru at Burger King and get something for dinner. We had drinks at home so I only got a soda to drink on the way home. Everything was fine until I took off from a stop sign. The soda was in the drink holder and I forgot to hold it. Yep, it fell over and the lid came off and the whole drink spilled.

I told Rich that we better get back home soon before something else happened.

We got home and as soon as Rich opened the carrier door.......Misty ran to the bedroom and went under the bed. She finally came out several hours later.

This morning Misty was back on schedule waking Rich up for work at 4am. After his shower she was sitting in front of her bowl waiting for breakfast. I crawled out of bed a little sore after my fall yesterday.........but not to bad.

Just glad that she doesn't have to go back for a year!

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