Monday, March 22, 2010

Wildlife Safari

Mounds of mud are actually Flamingo Nests.





Brown Bear

Watusi Cattle




Great White Hunter - Rich

Pigmy Goat with 4 kids

Story about Snowball



Rich and I stopped by Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon on Friday afternoon and bought our Season Pass. For $70 the 2 of us can go thru the drive-thru park as many times as we wish. The normal prices are $17.99 each for adults. That gets you 2 trips in one day thru the park. The Safari Village is free. We walked around the village for a while and then decided to have dinner at The White Rhino. We had Rhino Baskets...basically a cheeseburger and french fries. It was yummy!!!!

We had decided that we would go back on Saturday and drive thru the park. When we got up it was foggy and so we didn't get to go until almost noon. We showed our pass at the ticket booth and received our daily tickets. We decided to drive thru the park and then go to the village later.

As soon as we started driving thru the gate into the park we was greeted by a ostrich. She didn't want to move......just wanted to look into our windshield. One of the park rangers told Rich to keep driving slowly and she would move out of the way. Very reluctantly she moved so we could drive past her. She did the same thing to the car behind us.

The park is set up into different areas.....Asian, African, North American, ect. We love all the different areas. Today we was able to see the brown bears easily...but the bison were way up on the hill. It's like that......each time you go you get to see different animals close-up.

They was having an elephant car wash for $20 donation. Even though Kermi (our van) needed washed we passed up the opportunity.

After driving thru the park we went back and parked Kermi and went into the village. A couple was having their wedding there in the village that afternoon. They brought one of the cheetah out so the couple could have their photo taken with it. We was standing in line at the coffee hut and had to move back so they could walk by with the cheetah. She was so beautiful. We was still standing in line at the coffee hut when they brought the cheetah back to her run. She is the cheetah that is in my up close photos that I posted. I will have to find out her name....I know it starts with a "S".

We walked around after finally getting our drinks! Did I mention that this was the first weekend of Spring Break here in Oregon? They had a record turnout for the day. We walked around looking at all the animals that they have in the village. Rich's favorite is the Cheetah and mine is the Flamingos. This is the first time we have ever seen the mud nests that the Flamingos build.

After all the walking around we went to the White Rhino and had lunch. We had the Rhino Baskets again. They were just as good today as Friday. We had bottled water instead of soda.

After lunch we walked around some more. We had plans to drive thru the park again. When we got in the van Rich told me that he felt we should go home as I looked really tired. I was.....darned Fibromyalgia gets in my way of having fun. He said that we had all year to visit Wildlife Safari.........and we would be back soon!!!!!

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

glad you had a wonderful time..we have a game farm about an hour from here..called Olympic game farm..we love it...we can feed the animals and drive around all day and then see the animals that folks tried to domesticate..and there is a gift store and petting zoo...have a great week..:)