Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bobbie!!!!

Bobbie was born in Crescent City, CA just days before the Tsunami hit that would devestate the community. Bobbie was born on March 18, 1964 and the Tsunami hit on March 27th. We were very fortunate to have brought Mom and Bobbie home before the Tsunami hit. The hospital sits right next to the ocean. In fact, I was able to watch the seals playing in the surf from the waiting room windows. The maturnity ward and nursery were located in the basement at that time and it was flooded by the Tsunami.

Being a only child for 12 1/2 years it took time to adjust to having a baby sister. To me it seems like all she did was eat, sleep and did I mention cry? For I while I thought that we should take her back and trade her for one of the seals. I still tease her about wanting to trade her for a seal even today.

It's been fun watching Bobbie grow up through the years. We both love to sew, paint, cross-stitch, scrapbook, cook and take photos.

Before Bobbie was married we went to Cake Decorating classes with Mom and a friend of ours, Ann. We had a blast. Of course with 3 in the family taking lessons and each making a cake per week the family got tired of cake. Mom made Bobbie's wedding cake. We all helped, even Dad do the church decorations. Mom, Bobbie, Nancy, Sandy and I made all of the floral arrangements, bouquet and buttonaires. I had the honor of making all the dresses for the wedding, including the bridal gown. Bobbie was so beautiful when walked down the aisle to become Mrs. Michael Gray in May, 1983.

Bobbie and Mike was blessed with a beautiful daughter, Heather in April, 1989. Heather is busy working and attending college.

So, once again..........Happy Birthday, Bobbie!!

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