Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Gift from a Friend

George is one of the members of our church and shares a passion for wolves with me. This morning before church he told me that he had something for me out in his car. After church services we went out to his car and he gave me this beautiful wolf lithograph. He said that he had accidentally bought a second copy and he hadn't know what to do with the extra copy until he found out that I loved wolves as much as he did.

George invited us to stop by his home after church to see his wolf collection.......which includes a real 2 year old Wolf. His collection was awesome.........I looked and looked and looked some more. He also had a 1942 Chevy pickup sitting in his driveway............old vintage pickups are another passion of mine. He then had to show us his new touring motorcycle. Of course, it was sitting in the garage.

You would never know that George is 80 years young. He is so full of life and loves to share with others.

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