Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fab Hop Shop

Several times a year they have the Fab Hop Shop where you find the bunny (above photo) and register to win prizes. I've participated in several of the hops the last few years. I've won 2 $10 gift certificates from 2 different stores. I had fun shopping with my gift certificates. One I used for fabric and the other I used for a acrylic ruler.

I've found all but 1 of the bunnies in the January Hop. I know where the bunny is supposed to be........just can't find it where the hint tells you to go. I can't see all the page where the bunny is supposed to be located.....tried moving up the window and I still can't see the bottom of the page. I emailed the quilt store asking them about the hint and what happens when I try to view that page. No reply back yet.

I'm still working on my Bright Hopes Baby Quilt. I have it ready to tie out......hopefully tonight. Update: Rich said that the Proud Papa's last work day is not Friday but the following Thursday. That gives me a few more days to finish it.

I will be doing some canning this afternoon. I bought a couple of boxes (5 pounds each) of Mandarin Oranges over the holidays. Usually Rich loves them in his lunch.........he says he's tired of them now. So, I'm going to can them in half pints and I can use them in salads, desserts, ect. I also purchased 20 pounds of apples the other day when they were on sale. I'm going to can them as slices to make Apple Brown Betty, Apple Pies, ect. Soon it will be time to start canning asparagus. I haven't canned asparagus before as I didn't have a pressure cooker. Rich and I bought one when Bi-Mart had them on sale a couple of years ago. I've used it to can Veggie Soup and it was wonderful..........that's something I need to can several pints of this year. I love to open one of the pints up and have it for lunch.

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Renee said...


I won the first prize in last month's shop hop. What a surprise that was. I received a priority mail box with yards and yards and yards of white on white and cream fabric. There is still time, keep looking and hopefully the shop will e mail you back with the right place to look. Renee