Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year and Double Delight Clue 2

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was quiet noisy around our house last night. Poor Misty spent most of the night right next to the bed or on it. There was gunshots, fireworks, and loud music until around 4am this morning. We have these neighbors that shoot off fireworks.........we are talking the kind that you usually see on the 4th of July......the bombs bursting in air.......they light up the night sky in reds, blues, whites, greens, get the idea. Anyway they shoot off fireworks for the slightest thing.......we're talking holidays, birthdays, Saturday get the picture. They also shoot off ones that are just sound.........we're talking the noise shakes the home. Yes, its illegal to shoot off fireworks privately.........that's a little technicality that doesn't stop them. The police says they have higher what do you do????????? In the summer when its dry you pray that they don't start a fire. Off my soapbox and back to quilting.

Bonnie posted the second clue for the Double Delights mystery. I will be using my Dark Yellow/Gold for her Cheddar. I will use Black with Silver print for her brown print. We are to make 120 of these blocks.

I'm still working on Clue 1. I have 2 triangles sewn on all my blocks. Now I have to cut off the dogears and press all 120 blocks. After that I will sew on the 2 opposite triangles and press all 120 blocks again. Then they have to be trimmed to 3 1/2-inches...........yep all 120 blocks.

I'm so happy that I have learned how to use rulers since finding Bonnie's site. That and getting a rotary cutter and mat. They sure make the cutting go faster. Of course you have to be careful in cutting your strips or you will get a valley and hill in the middle of your strip. I did that at my strips are getting straighter.

I was very fortunate to win my rotary cutter and mat. I belong to Quilt N Friends Yahoo group. Ann was having a quilt-a-long and I participated. She gave out prizes for the first one to finish sewing a themed top and a scrappy top. I was the first to finish a scrappy top. She decided for the prizes to let the winners Make A I wished for a rotary cutter and mat.

Well, off this computer and back to sewing and sewing and sewing and then pressing and pressing and pressing then cutting and cutting and cutting.


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