Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Double Delight Update

I'm still cutting and sewing the smaller Nine-Patch blocks together. I just had to finish a few of the 2 main blocks and lay them out to see how my colors blended together. I was really worried about the red being too much. I'm still not sure if the red around the edge is going to overpower the inner blocks or not. I won't know that until I cut some of the outer triangles and sew them onto the rows of blocks.

Before finishing this top I'm going to have to buy more of the neutral colors.....tan and beige prints. I see that Joann's has Keepsake Calico Prints on sale for 50% off Jan. 11-17th. I will have to go into town on Sunday after church and get some of it for my Double Delight Quilt and to add to my stash.

I see that they also have the one pound skeins of yarn on sale for $4.99. I need to buy some white and either pink or yellow to make a baby afghan for one of Rich's co-workers. He and his wife are expecting their first baby (girl) in February. That will give me something to take with me when Rich and I have to ride the DAV shuttle to the Portland Veteran's Hospital on Feb. 5th. I can crochet on it while traveling and while waiting for Rich to have his tests done.

I see to that they are having Simplicity Patterns for 99 cents each........limit 10. I was looking at the pattern book before Christmas and made note of some patterns I would like to have. I'll have to see if some of them are available. Also they are having 90% off selected Christmas items. I'll have to check them out Sunday when I go shopping.

Okay, what else can I find in the sale brochure??????????????? On Jan 18 and 19 they are having a 2-day sale. I see they will be having all Rotary Blades 50% off. Hmmmmmmmmmm................I'll write down the exact description of the rotary blades that I need and have Rich pick them up after work on Monday. After all he does just work across the street from the shopping center where Joann's is located. I already asked him if he would stop and get the rotary blades for me. I told him that it wasn't worth driving 30 miles one way to Joann's on Sunday for 1 item. He told me that he didn't mind stopping and buying them for me. What a SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank-you for directing me to your post re your color scheme for the DD. I really like it. You have bright cheerful (yellow fabric) juxtaposed quiet and calm (red and beiges). Looking forward to seeing the finished top.