Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Death of a Friendship

It feels like death when a friendship ends. I met a lady on a weight loss group that I belonged to last year. We became best of friends. We are both very creative and crafty........so we exchanged lots of creative ideas with each other for months. Suddenly she drops out of the weight loss group without any explaination. She sends me a email telling me that she can no longer email me.........no explaination.......zilch. For about 6 months I did not hear from her and then I received a message through my Etsy store from her. She told me that her husband had hacked into her emails and her weight loss site...........he didn't like my emails to her so he forbid her to have anything else to do with me or any of the weight loss ladies. I emailed her back and told her to take care and I would miss her.

Right before Christmas I received another message from her..........she then started sending me messages frequently. I thought that everything was okay and she could email me once more.

Wrong!!!!!!!!! Today I receive a message from her telling me that she was grateful that we had reconnected again. Then she went on to write that she was sad but she couldn't talk to me anymore.

I send a reply to her message............I told her not to bother sending me any more messages or going into my Etsy store and looking.......I cannot handle a friendship that is on one day and off the next. I told her that I hoped one day she would free and be able to have friends. Maybe I was wrong.........I just don't need the stress of that kind of friendship in my life.

I will miss my dear friend!!!!!!!!!

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ponderpiggy said...

Sounds like an abusive situation for sure. Sadly, you lose a person that had become a friend. Hopefully, she'll get help and away from her abuser. JMHO of course...but the signs are all there.