Friday, January 30, 2009

Rich's Dream Van

Last night Rich asked me to look and see what Split-Window Volkswagen Vans were selling for on the internet. Believe me.......we can't afford one no matter how much Rich wants one. They are going for between $3,000 to $13,000. I asked him why he didn't buy one when he was in the Army stationed in Germany and have it shipped home??? His answer: I was interested in a lot of other things and not thinking of the future! Well, I guess that answered my question!!

Rich has had the dream to own one of the split-window Volkswagen vans for years. Being a good wife I did buy him one for his birthday one year.........he didn't see the humor of a split-window Volkswagen van keychain. I think he should have been more excited........after all I did have to search for the darn thing in several stores before I found one in a Dollar Store! Did I mention that I also gave him a framed photo of a van to match his keyring that year???????? At least I tried to give him his have to give me credit for trying.

Maybe one day when I either win a sweepstakes or a lottery he can have his dream fulfilled.........until he will have to keep dreaming. Maybe he might settle for a framed cross-stitch of his beloved van. NOT!!!!!!!

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