Saturday, January 10, 2009

Double Delight Finale!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the way that Bonnie added the simple border. See Bonnie's quilt at her website The quilt itself is busy and I think that a pieced border would have distracted from the beauty of the quilt.

I can't believe yesterday when I went to Joann's to purchase the yellow fabric that I was using for Cheddar.......they didn't have a single inch of it available. The yellow print fabric has always been available as it is one of their basic fabrics they carry at all times. The lady told me that they would get it in but she wasn't sure exactly when or if it had been ordered yet.

I decided to use another yellow print that will blend in with the yellow print fabric that I have already used. I will make the Rolling Star blocks identical except the yellow print. I will alternate the blocks and it will look as if I planned to do that all along. I have enough of all the rest of the fabric to finish the quilt....fingers crossed. If not......I'll figure something out!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I checked out the Sally Shop (Salvation Army) to see if they might have men's shirts on sale to recycle. NOPE...........they are now charging $2.75-6.50 for shirts. I'll wait till they have bargain days on them or find them elsewhere. I won't pay over 50-cents for shirts if I'm going to recycle them. I did happen to run across some yardage while I was looking around. I found 2 yards of the cutest children's fabric for only $1.45. It is white background with red, blue, green, purple elephants scattered randomly. I'm thinking about using it to make a baby quilt for one of Rich's co-workers. I'm not sure yet! I aso found some beautiful white fabric and some shirting fabric. The store was having a storewide 25% off sale for the I saved even more.

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