Sunday, January 11, 2009

Change of Plans for Double Delight

As I wrote about earlier I had to get a different yellow for my Double Delight quilt top. Well.........the color will blend in great and look fantastic............but there is another problem. I need 30 of the Rolling Star Block to make my quilt a queen size. That would mean I would have to do 15 blocks using each of the yellows.........I only have enough of the original yellow to do 9 blocks. Either I have to just scatter them in amongst the other yellow block or put the Rolling Star Blocks on hold until I can buy so I can buy more of the original yellow print.

I think what I have decided is to buy at least 2 more yellow prints that would match the 2 yellow prints that I have now. I will make the blocks using the different yellow prints.........each block will have the same yellow print throughout. When I go to set all the blocks together I will just place the different yellow Rolling Star Blocks randomly.

Yep, that's what I will do. I would rather do that than put the quilt on hold. Unless I tell anyone what happened they will think I'm creative and planned the different yellow print Rolling Star Blocks to be different.

Good thing that Joann's has Keepsake Calico on sale starting today for 50% off. After church this morning we will stop by Joann's.

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