Friday, January 02, 2009

First Friday of the New Year!!!!!!!!

Farmyard Angel Kitty
Farmyard Angel Piggy

Farmyard Angel Bunny

Farmyard Angel Cow

It's the first Friday of the new year. Wow!!!!!!!!! I've been very busy this morning. I checked in at and downloaded Step 3 of the mystery quilt early this morning. When I get to that step I will be using red instead of pinks and my neutral colors as used in step 1.
I finally took photos and got the Farmyard Angels (above) listed in my Etsy store. My best friend, Jen (her store is Boogalooloo Bedding) has been encouraging me to list more items in my Etsy store (Squirreltree). In fact, she challenged me to list 5 items by the end of January. I'm proud to say that I met that challenge this morning and have listed 5 items. I have more items that I will list later this month.
I have all of Step 1 blocks sewn together. I just have to finish pressing and then trimming them to size. I cut all the triangles for Step 2 this morning and 45 of the 120 2 5/8-inch blocks. I thought I had enough of the Dark Yellow/Gold fabric and I didn't. It is a fabric that Joann's carries all the time. I never thought I would use that much of the color so I only bought 1 yard. I told Rich this morning that I'm going to buy 2-3 yards of it when I go shopping. Of course, you can see his eyes rolling up.........actually he never complains about any crafting or quilting supplies that I purchase. He loves to see me crafting or sewing. Thank you my dearly departed Mother-in-law for being a sewing lady.
I'm off to have lunch and then back to working on Step 1 blocks.

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