Monday, January 05, 2009

Cell Phones........Pro and Con

I have just spend the last half hour activating my new TracFone cell phone. I think my eyes are permantly crossed from all the numbers in all the different codes required. I kept at it and now I once again have a cell phone available for my needs.

I had a perfectly good one until Christmas Eve afternoon. Rich and I both have cell phones as we did away with our in home phone........that's another story. We had stopped on the way home from Dad and Mae's to buy more minutes for our prepaid phones at the Truck Stop. No problem so far........I bought 120 minute cards for both of our phones. Rich added my phone card to my phone while I went into the store to get a couple of items. After putting the groceries in the back of the van........I got into the driver's seat. Rich handed me my cell phone and I put it in my jean pocket where I always keep it. I had to stop at the post office and drop a letter in the outside box. I couldn't quite reach the opening so I opened up my door and leaned out to drop the letter in the opening. I shut the door and we drove home.

After getting home I went to use my phone and couldn't find it. Rich used his phone to call my phone. We couldn't hear it ringing so Rich went out to the van thinking I dropped it in the van. No ringing phone in the van. The phone must have dropped out of my pocket when I leaned out the door to mail my letter. Rich called the post office. The lady said she was going out to clean the parking lot and she would call back if she found the phone. No call back. About that time Rich's phone rang and somebody was calling from my phone that I had lost. They would not talk.....Rich told them that it was his wife's phone that they were calling from and she had dropped it at the post office. Would they either let him know where he could pick up the phone or take and turn it in at the post office where it was found. They hung up. They called several more times that evening......they still would not talk. I do hope that they enjoyed using my phone that was my only means of communication for emergencies and other times.

I ordered a new phone from TracFone on Dec. 26th. It was to be delivered by FedEx in 3 days. I realize with the holiday and weekend that it might take a few extra days...........I didn't realize it would take until Jan. 5th to receive my package. My 3 day delivery turned into 10 day delivery. Next time........I'll wait and go to WalMart, KMart, etc. and buy one. I would have really been upset if I had to pay for the was FREE!

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