Thursday, January 22, 2009

Butterfly Block from He--!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you notice I have found the perfect place to take photos of my blocks.......I pin them to the Wolf Blanket that hangs on my living room wall.

I have spent more time today Ripping and Snorting on this block than I have the last 6 months of quilting and sewing. That's why I call it the Butterfly Block from He--!

I'm in a Block Challenge Swap with 12 other ladies. Each of us got to choose the block we wanted and the colors. One of the ladies said she wanted Butterfly blocks in any size, color or way of making them. I haven't appliqued much since I did appliques back in the late 60's.....early 70's. Then I just did appliques on my little sisters playclothes......teddy bears, dogs, ice cream cones, etc. Anyway I wanted to find a butterfly that was pieced. I looked for months and finally found the above pattern. It was 12-1/2 inches unfinished. The same size as all the other blocks in the swap.

I decided to use butterfly fabric as the main wings and chose a complimentary color to go with it. I chose to set it together with a white background. I had decided to use black for the body and then embroider the antennae.

Everything went fine cutting out the pieces required to assemble the block. The problem started when I was trying to read the instructions and sew the block together. The instructions were not clear about having to do the sides opposite....I got confused about which color was which number......finally after ripping and snorting several times I tossed aside the instructions and just looked at the photo of the finished block and put my block together. Then I went to embroider the Black embroidery floss to be found in the 5 boxes of embroidery floss that I own.......not a single piece of black floss. So I decided to use a black/brown floss. Embroidery is not really my cup of tea......I would rather cross-stitch. My mother did beautiful embroidery pieces up until she began to lose her eyesight from complications of Diabetes. Also, my sister, Bobbie does beautiful embroidery and cross-stitch.

As you can see after 5 hours of ripping, snorting, sewing, and ironing I finally got the block finished.

And I had thought of making an entire queen size quilt using this pattern.......Yeah, right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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