Friday, April 10, 2009

Tornado hits Mena, Arkansas

This morning I was shocked when I saw that Mena, Arkansas had been hit by a tornado. My Dad grew up in and around Mena. In fact, Dad and Mae are back in that area on vacation right now.

Dad and Mae was supposed to visit my Aunt Velma who lives in Arkansas. I called her this morning and asked if she had seen Dad and Mae. She said that they had spent the night at her house and then on Thursday they left for Branson, Missouri. They were going to spend a couple of days in that area. That made me feel better to know that they was in Missouri.

Dad and Mae are supposed to be attending a family reunion in the Mena area on the 18th. We have several cousins in that area. I pray that they are all okay!

UPDATE: I TALKED TO MAE'S SON THIS MORNING AND HE HAD RECEIVED A CALL FROM DAD AND MAE LAST NIGHT FROM THEIR MOTEL IN MISSOURI! They were miles away from the area. I'm still praying that my cousins that live in that area are safe. No word from anybody yet!

SATURDAY UPDATE: Dad called me last night. He said he knew that I would be worried and wouldn't rest until I heard from him. Yep.......he was right. They are headed back to my Aunt Velma's and then they well be headed down to Mena and surrounding area.

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