Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Day Fair

Rich and I attended the Earth Day Fair this morning. It wasn't as nice as last year. There wasn't as many vendors or giveaways. They didn't have the people there that was giving away trees last year. We was looking forward to getting a couple of free trees to plant. We did get a couple more bird feeders (unassembled) and a bird house (unassembled)from US Wildlife. There was so many people building the bird feeders and bird houses that we just brought ours home unassembled. They had all the parts taped together, wires and nails were in boxes on the table. There was also free bags of bird seed for the feeders.

There was a lot of vendors there promoting solar heating and electricity, $300 compost machines and a lot of high priced gadgets. I wanted to see more practical and inexpensive ways of recycling, reusing and reducing waste.

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