Monday, April 20, 2009

Rich's Vacation

Photo is Rich and I celebrating our 10th Wedding anniversary at my parent's home.

Today is officially Rich's first day of vacation. Can you believe that we got to sleep in this morning. Rich got up at 2:30am and fed Misty and she didn't wake us up at 4am and we slept until 6:30am before waking up.

Rich went and washed the van and vacuumed it out this morning at the local car wash. I've been out puttering in the garden. Everything is looking good so far. I did have to get some Snail and Slug killer the other day and put on the garden. I hate using the stuff but it is the only way to get rid of the snails and slugs. They can devour a whole area in the garden before you can see the buggers.

We've been eating green onions already and soon should have radishes to eat. The garlic and multiplying onions are doing good. I have 28 garlic plants that I will harvest later this summer. I dry most of the heads and then grind into powder to use for cooking. I will use some in dill pickles and cooking. It sure tastes better than the store bought stuff.

My basil is growing like crazy!!!!!!!! I had received 3 small packages of seeds free and I planted them a couple of weeks ago. There is lemon, Genovese and Dark Purple Opal varieties. I would have to say the Dark Purple Opal variety is growing the best so far.

I also have tomato, green pepper and chili pepper plants that are doing good. I need to transplant the tomatoes into bigger pots. The pepper plants will probably need transplanted next week. It's still not warm enough to plant the tomatoes and peppers out in the garden yet.

I would love to have a greenhouse for my seedlings. I keep wishing and dreaming for one.

Well, I better go see what Rich wants to do today! Tomorrow we are going into Medford as I have to go see my rheumotologist for my fibromyalgia. It's a 6 month checkup. Then we are going to visit Rich's parents, my sister Bobbie and my brother-in-law Mike and several friends that we don't get to see often.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the photo...hope your vacation is a most wonderful one...we just planted our garden and finished it up fresh veggies...have a wonderful week!!!:)