Friday, April 24, 2009

Pepper Plants

I transplanted my sweet and chili pepper starts into larger pots yesterday. They look pretty good today. I also planted my small basil plants in a large planter bowl where I had some chives growing. I had to replant tomatoes as they got to tall and spindly. I might have to buy some tomato plants. I like the Roma tomatoes because they are meatier and make great pasta sauce. They also have fewer seeds......which I always wash out of regular tomatoes along with the slimy juice. Just don't like that part of tomatoes.

I hope to grow enough tomatoes and peppers to make pizza sauce, pasta sauce, relishes, salsa, diced tomatoes with green chilies, vegetable soup and dehydrate some for cooking. If not I hope to be able to buy some at one of the local farms in our area.

Rich and I took inventory of what we have left of our home canned foods over the weekend. We got all the empty canning jars located together in one area. I've been purchasing jar lids since last canning season. I buy 2-4 dozen each time I do my bi-weekly grocery shopping. I have also purchased other items that I will need for canning along the way.

I wanted to can some asparagus but could not find it at an affordable price. It's not a savings if you have to pay over $2 a pound for the time you clean and discard the tough ends it would be too expensive. I did buy a little and put it up in the freezer. It's not as good as canned......but still tasty.

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