Thursday, April 09, 2009

Have you finished those Easter projects????

Have you finished those Easter projects yet? I know I haven't finished Rich's Easter basket yet? Still trying to decide what to put all his Easter goodies into this year. Do I do a decorated bucket........A decorated cloth bag........A decorated basket.....decisions, decisions.

I had to find the perfect Chocolate Bunny for Rich. He doesn't like the solid chocolate bunny so I had to find a hollow bunny. I was shopping at Walgreen's and found the perfect bunny and peanut butter eggs. I then found packages of small peanut butter eggs, jelly beans and some filled Sports ball eggs at the Dollar Tree.
I made a cute crocheted bunny to go with the goodies. I will make a batch of Soft Rolled Sugar Cookies in Easter shapes tomorrow.

I know that I have to get busy and decide what type of container I'm going to use for Rich's Easter Goodies.

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