Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Book Review: His Name Is Jesus by Max Lucado

When I first received the book I was in awe of the beautiful slipcover covering the book. When I pulled out the book it was just as beautiful inside and out. The pages are beautifully illustrated. The book covers the life of Jesus from birth to His resurrection and beyond. It is written in layman's words and easily understood by all.

I was impressed how this book was written. Each chapter is like a short story. At the end of each chapter you need to stop and reflect upon what you have read. It is not a book that you read from cover to cover in one sitting. The more I read about Jesus' life I found myself thirsting for more. Throughout the book there are references to the Bible for further in depth reading.

As you follow Jesus through his life you find out that Jesus struggled in his life just as we do in our daily lives. I feel that the book followed along with the Bible teachings that I have learned over the years.

I would recommend this book to both people that are just learning about Jesus and to those who need to be reminded of Jesus' love and sacrifice for us. After reading this book you will find that it has touched your heart.

Shirley Bishop
Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger

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