Monday, April 27, 2009

Book Review: The Noticer

The Noticer by Andy Andrews
Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers

The Noticer is a small book compared to others. It only has 156 pages. However, within those pages are some powerful messages about life.

The story takes place in Orange Beach, Alabama. Folks are feeling unsure about their futures. An old drifter, named Jones, mysteriously makes his way through the town giving simple wisdom and sound hope. He doesn't tell people what they need to do to improve their lives. He helps them see the options. Then he lets them make the choices that are right for their lives.

The Noticer is not a book to pick up and read straight through in one sitting. You need to stop at the end of each chapter and absorb the message that is being learned by the people.

At the end of the book is a Reader's Guide for each chapter. This not only helps understand the book. It helps you place yourself in situations like the folks in Orange Beach, Alabama.

I would highly recommend this book for everyone. It will make you stop and think about the choices you have made in your life. It will help you realize that you, yourself are in charge of your destiny.

Andy Andrew's "The Noticer" is a must have book for your library.

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