Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Walgreen's Photos

Last week I ordered on-line some prints from Walgreen's. This was the first time I have every ordered prints from anywhere. I had a code for 1 day to order 20 free prints.

It was very easy to navigate Walgreen's photo department. It took a while to decide what photos I wanted printed. After I ordered my prints they said that I could pick them up at the local store (no shipping charge)after 2:30pm. I had ordered them around 11am that morning.

I had some shopping to do at Walgreen's.....had to get my bargains and use my coupons. I finished shopping at 1:45pm. I went over to the Photo department and told the cashier that I was early.....he asked my name and told me that my prints were ready. I told him that I had never ordered prints on-line before from Walgreen's or anywhere. He told me to go ahead and look at the prints and see what I thought............I was totally amazed at the quality of all the prints that I had ordered. They were clear, sharp and the color was amazing. I told him that I loved them and would order more prints in the future.

I now have a code to order 50 prints for $5. I will be ordering 50 prints and a free 8x10 print with the coupon that was attached to my envelope.

Now I have to decide what prints that I want to would think that anybody that could take 860 photos on a 4-day vacation wouldn't have a problem deciding on what prints to order........NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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