Sunday, February 01, 2009

I'm a Winner in the Quilt Dash Challenge

I can't believe that I was one of 27 winners in the Quilt Dash Challenge. This was my first time to join the challenge. I had fun going to all the quilt shops and look for the Quilt Dash logo. There wasn't as many quilt shops as the Shop/Hop Challenges I have done before......and also won prizes......I won 2 $10 gift certificates in 2 different Shop/Hop's.

I won a "All About Me" Kit valued at $50. I'm not sure what the kit is all about as I couldn't find it on their website.....just the photo on the winner's page. In my email telling me that I had won they said it would be shipped next week. I will post a photo of my prize for all to see after it arrives.

I'm off to find some more contests, giveaways or free samples!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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