Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So tired!!!!!!!!

I'm so tired today. Yesterday Rich and I rode the DAV shuttle from Roseburg to the VA Hospital in Portland, OR. We left Roseburg at 5am and returned to Roseburg at 5:30pm. Rich and I both felt it was a wasted trip! All the doctor told him was they feel he has several problems in his neck and shoulder area that is causing him to lose strength in his arm and hand. We have to go back up to Portland in a month for further testing and to see the doctor again. The information we received yesterday could have been told to us over the phone and saved us a grueling all-day trip to Portland.

We got home last night and we both went straight to bed after playing with Misty for a while. Her nose was out of joint when we got home. She wanted her moist kitty food and her kitty potty cleaned out immediately upon our arrival home last night. After we went to bed she curled up in front of the dresser and went to sleep........until 4am.......breakfast time for her. Rich got up and fed her and crawled back in bed. We finally got up around 7am this morning.

I think I'll go take a nap before it's time to prepare our afternoon meal.

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