Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Frugal Ideas for Valentine's Day

Once again, Valentine's Day will be upon us before we know it. I've been racking my brain to come up with frugal ideas for Valentine's Day gifts.


Recently I was browsing in the local Sally Shop and they were just putting out Valentine's Day gifts, etc. They were also having a 10% off entire store sale. I found a large coffee or soup cup that has a squirrel on it and says "I'm nuts about you!". Cost: 95 cents. I also found a cute little troll doll dressed as a Devil and says "Hot Stuff". Cost: 45 cents. Total for both items: $1.40 - 10% discount = $1.26

Now, how I'm going to use both of these items to make Rich a gift for Valentine's Day.

I will place some red tissue paper in cup. Then add small bags of candies, gum, and nuts inside the bag. I will place the troll's arm through the cup handle. Hopefully, I will be able to buy my candies, ect. on sale and with coupons.

I will post a photo of this gift as soon as I get it finished. I will also post what the total cost of making my gift, too!!!!!

Hopefully, by this weekend.


Local Dollar Stores have lots and lots of nice Valentine's Day items. You can make a nice gift basket or bag very inexpensively. I used to work in a Dollar Tree in Carson City, NV. We would make up gift baskets and sell them. I loved it when I got to make them. We would make baskets for adults and kids. We tried to have $5, $10 and $15 gift baskets.

What I like to do when making up baskets is to start with a nice basket. Then add shredded paper, Easter grass, ect to the bottom and around sides. Then I take the tallest item and place in center back. Then I add items beside and in front of it that are lower. You want to be able to see all the items available in the gift basket. Then I add small items to fill in the spaces. After the basket is finished I like to place plastic wrap across the items to keep them stable. You can criss-cross 2 pieces to go around handles if needed. You can add ribbons and bows. Or, you can add ribbons and bows without adding the plastic wrap. It all depends upon if you are giving directly or if you are having to ship the basket.


A nice plate of homemade Valentine's cookies would be a welcome gift to family and friends. You can use my Soft Rolled Sugar Cookies to make them. I posted it here a few days ago. You can cut them into hearts and sprinkle with sugar or frost. Or cheat like I do and roll in balls and squish with bottom of decorative glass and sprinkle with colored sugar.

Cover a plate of homemade fudge with plastic wrap and decorate.

Decorated cupcakes would be a great gift.

Any of the Coffee/Tea/Chocolate mixes bagged and placed in cups would be a nice gift.


Make coupon books with coupons geared toward the individual who will receive it. Examples: Movie Night.......Dinner Out.......Back Rub......Videos......Get out of dishwashing........1/2 hour Quiet Time........Walk in the park.....Day at the Zoo......you get the idea.

Use a art program to design your coupons and print on white cardstock. Make the front and back cover of their favorite color and decorate in a theme to match the person that will receive the coupon book.


Whether you crochet, knit, sew, paper craft, scrapbook, etc. you can always make a handmade gift for family and friends.

You can find thousands of patterns for Valentine's Day gifts on the internet.


You can make your own personalized Valentine's Day cards for pennies. You can find lots of ideas for making cards on the internet. You can take old Valentine's Day cards (if you can part with them) and recycle them into new cards. Embellish your cards with bits of ribbon, buttons, paper doilies, glitter, etc.

Remember don't stress out making your Valentine's Day gifts.........have fun and enjoy knowing that whoever receives your gift will be honored to know that you made it especially for them.

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