Monday, July 02, 2007

Misty's Birthday Gift

Misty is having a birthday on July 4th. Rich and I decided to get her a play gym for her birthday. We couldn't find one locally for her so we had to go to Pet Smart in Medford. It has a little house at the bottom, a scratching post, a flat shelf and a box at the very top.

At first she wasn't sure what we was dragging into the house. She slowly investigated it to find out what it was all about. We just let her investigate on her own.........we didn't want her to get scared.

She started off by checking out the house. Then she checked out the flat shelf and found the dangling feathers ( we later removed them as we didn't want her to eat them.......I will crochet a toy to attach to the chain for her.). It took her a while to decide to jump up into the top box.

After about an hour she was going from bottom to top. The next thing you know she was sound asleep in the box on top.

It seems that we found the perfect gift for her birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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