Saturday, July 14, 2007

Great Cats Show at Wildlife Safari

Bengal Tiger - Samson
Caracal - Kawaii
Caracal - Kawaii
Ocelot - Pepe
Ocelot - Pepe

Amur Leopard - Meiki This cat is on the cover of 25 national magazines this year alone. He is one of the most photographed cats in the world. Craig Wagner is the owner of Great Cats World Park in Cave Junction, OR.

Amur Leopard - Meiki

Rich holding our tickets for the show.
As most of you know Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR is in our backdoor. Wildlife Safari is a drive-thru animal park. Rich and I have a membership which lets us drive thru the park unlimited times. At times they have special shows in the Discovery Theater. Today they had Great Cats of the World.
We arrived early so we could get our tickets........that you see Rich holding in the above photo. Even though we have a membership.........for the special shows you still need to buy a ticket for that event. We walked around Safari Village visiting with all the animals........owls, monkeys, snakes, cheetah, ducks, porcupines and my favorite the flamingos. They are doing a lot of remodeling to provide better viewing of the animals. In fact.............they will have a new exhibit of WOLVES soon. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! They have a new exibit for the cheetahs.
Finally it was time to get in line for the show. We asked but was told that we couldn't keep our punched tickets for the show. Disappointment for me as I wanted them to scrapbook. Something about they had to have the tickets so they could see how many people attended the show. I don't know why they couldn't just keep count of the number of tickets they sold!!!!!! Of course, that's the scrapbooker in me!!!!!
We took our seats in the very front row...........about 20 feet from the cats. They don't allow children in the front row because they look too much like a food source for the big cats!!!!!! During the show you are allowed to take all the photos that you would like from your seat.
There was 5 different cats from all over the world. I don't remember all the different types. They were all so beautiful. You could hear them making chuffing noises from where we were sitting. Of course Rich wanted to be up on the stage with the cats. He's the Cat person in our family and I'm the Canine person.
The cats are from Great Cats World Park in Cave Junction, OR. Cave Junction is approximately 70-75 miles south and west of where we live. We went through this park several years ago when it had different owners. We are looking forward to visiting the park later this summer as one of our day trips. If you would like more information on the park visit

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Cami said...

I defnitely like the big cats but I'm an admire from afar, I wouldn't want to be on stage!