Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's very warm today here in Southern Oregon. When I took Rich to work this morning at 5am it was already 60 degrees. It is supposed to be 101 degrees this afternoon. I don't like anything over 80 degrees.

I went and did my grocery shopping this morning while it was cool. One of our major grocery stores is open 24 hours a day (Bobbie's husband, Mike, works for this store and 3 others in Southern Oregon). It's nice and quiet in the early morning. The only bad thing is the stockers are busy stocking the shelves and you have to watch out for them and their forklifts. They had a great buy on fresh broccoli and cauliflower today......69 cents per pound. I bought 10 pounds of each to put up in the freezer. They also had a good buy on Santiam French Cut Green Beans today. Rich will only eat the French Cut Style. They were 3 cans for 99 cents. They had a limit of 12 cans. When I go back to town this afternoon to pick up Rich from work I'm going to stop and get another 12 cans.
After shopping this morning I had to finish hemming up 5 pairs of work shorts for Rich. I did one pair last night so he could wear them to work this morning. I'm sorry but I would rather make clothes from scratch than remodel ready-made clothes. I can't believe the poor quality of these shorts.............they are issued from Rich's work at the VA Hospital. His supervisor ordered the 10-inch length........which would have been perfect. The head of shipping decided he had made a mistake and so they changed it to the 13-inch length without asking him about the length. Most everyone has to hem them up because they hang way down below the knee. His supervisor was not happy!!!!!
I think I will tease Rich by handing him a invoice for $30 for hemming his shorts. It should be worth $5 a pair. Knowing him he'll want to take it out in trade!!!!!!!!!!
I've been scrapbooking a little. I joined the Scrap From You Stash contest on Scrap 101. The object is to not buy any new scrapbook supplies for 2 weeks and use what you have stashed in your ORGANIZED scrap area!!!!!!! Believe me...........I've got plenty stashed. Will update later and post some of my layouts.

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