Monday, July 02, 2007

Even more Rogue River Rooster Crow

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Cami said...

Hey Shirley! it's soo good to catch up with all that's been going on with you. You are such a sweet lady, I just love reading your posts and seeing all your pictures. you do such a good job! Misty is a pretty kitty, how nice that she is enjoying her birthday present. What an interesting idea the jetty is for the stray cats, I have certainly never heard of anything like that. Very sad about your beach, I guess that's just the way things go but sure is sad. I feel the same way about the place I grew up. I find it hard to go back because it's just not the same. All your cherry pictures made me get up and get a bowl for myself! lol...I love fresh fruit but don't care much for it canned. that probably seems weird? well, I guess I admit that I am weird so maybe! lol
I started blogging on Xanga last year and decided to kinda stay there as far as blogging goes. I like that I can see who visits my site and block them if I don't want them there since I post so much personal info and pictures of my little one. Just feels much safer for me.
Hope you have a wonderful day!
So glad you are back on group too :)