Thursday, March 05, 2009

Coupons, Dotte Dolls, Quilt Blocks........Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been busy trying to organize my coupons and make out my shopping list for tomorrow. I stocked my pantry a couple of weeks ago so I don't need much in the line of groceries.........just a few things I forgot. I have all my coupons clipped and organized into a binder and ready for shopping.

I have my list of things I want to purchase at Walgreen's tomorrow. I've only shopped there a couple of times but I'm addicted to their bargains. I'm working on stocking my household products for the pantry. Walgreen's offers some great buys on shampoos, soaps, ect.

I love Dotee Dolls.........I have several in my collection. I mostly swap with other ladies on I'm signed up for 7 swaps......each swap I will make 1 Dotee doll. I always make 2 of each Dotee Doll that I swap.......Rich insists that I keep 1 for collection. I have my collection of Dotee Dolls hanging between my kitchen/dining area and living area. I have a vaulted ceiling in the living area and there is a small wall above the entrance into the kitchen/dining area. Misty loves to sit and watch the Dotee the sunlight shines on the sparkles, beads and when the window is open or furnace is running they will twirl. Thank Goodness they are hanging up high or she would have them down playing with them.......especially the red ones. She loves to grab my red yarn and take off through the house with it dragging behind her.

I just finished a St. Patty's Day Dotee and a Spring Garden Tea Dotee. They will be leaving here tomorrow for their new homes in Arkansas and Wisconsin. Of course, my 2 Dotee dolls will join their sisters in my collection.

The Spring Garden Tea Dotee was a lot of fun to make. I used a pretty floral with pink roses for the body. I crocheted a light brown straw hat and threaded pink ribbon around the crown and then tied in bow. For the hair I braided a darker brown yarn and tied with matching pink bows. I added pink silk roses across the top of her hair. I found the cutest miniature wooden teapots at Michael's. I glued one to the front of the doll. I added pink and crystal beads for the tail and a gold hanger.

The St. Patty's Dotee turned out cute. I used St. Patty's Day fabric for the body, Dark Green yarn for the hair, crocheted a light brown straw hat and threaded green ribbon around the crown and tied in bow. I glued Dark Green buttons to the front of the dress. I used green and crystal beads for the tail and a gold hanger.

I will post a photo this weekend of the Dotee Dolls.......need new batteries....which are on sale at Walgreen's......for my camera.

I'm a member of the Quilt N' Friends Yahoo group. Each month we have a Block of the Month swap. There are 6 ladies in each group and we exchange 1 quilt block. This month we have 3 choices for blocks.......Shoofly, Sarah's Choice, Spinner. They are all pretty! I haven't decided which one that I will make for the ladies in my groups.......yes, I'm in 2 different groups. That means that I will be making 10 blocks for the ladies and 2 blocks for myself. Good thing that Joann's is having a big sale soon on quilting fabric. I'm getting low on some of my colors and need to replenish. I believe that they are going to have quilting fabric for $1.99 yard. I'll have to double check my new flyer that I just got yesterday.

So, as you can see I'm always busy doing something around the house.

Did I mention that soon it will be time to start working out in the garden. According to my Irish Grandfather.........potatoes need to be planted on March 17th. I better get shopping for my potato seed soon!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lenox Knits said...

What a fun post with all your inspirations this week. I too love the Walgreens Deal aisle.

If you are still interested in the Goth Girl Wristcuff for your niece I'd be happy to send you a paypal invoice so you don't have to go through Etsy if that is easier for you. You would just need to send me your paypal e-mail to No pressure, but I was just going through the entries to the contest today and saw your comment.