Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nine-Patch Quilt

Nine-Patch Quilt
Aunt Della's Block

I finally had a chance to take a photo of the Nine-Patch Quilt top I finished. It is all hand-stitched. Each block is different. There are 64 Nin-Patch Blocks in the top. Each block consists of 4 blocks color A and 5 blocks of color B. I first stitched all the blocks and then joined them together to make the top. I'm getting ready to put it in the quilt frame. I'm not going to hand quilt it........just tie it out.

Aunt Della's Block is a very special block that I made for the quilt. As you will notice it is not uniform with the other blocks. The center block is a different color than the 4 should be the same. The block is made to honor Aunt Della and her quilting. I'll explain why.

Grandma Shaw and Aunt Della were sister-in-laws. Their husbands were brothers. They loved to get together and quilt. I loved to join in with them and quilt when I visited and they were quilting. I noticed that Aunt Della would always have a block that wasn't just right. It might have a little different color, different pattern or a piece sewn upside down on a block. I asked her about it. She replied, " Only God is perfect! I make a small imperfection in my quilts to remind me that I'm not perfect nor is the world we live in.". So making 1 block in my quilts with an imperfection is my way of honoring Aunt Della.

I have so many patterns for quilts that I want to many patterns - so little time. I have several tops already stitched together I just need to finish them off. Now that I'm feeling better with my new medicine I will try to get some of them finished.

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