Monday, August 13, 2007

Busy Weekend

Corn Cob Jelly
Grandma Grissom's Dill Pickles
Sliced Peaches
Corn for freezer
This weekend was quite busy for me. On Friday it was major shopping trip of the month for me. I stopped at Sugartree Farms in Winston, OR and bought 1 dozen ears of corn and 20 pound box of peaches. I then bought 10 pounds of pickling cucumbers at Thunderbird.

On Saturday I made 8 quarts of dill pickles using Grandma Grissom's recipe. Grandma Grissom was Rich's favorite Aunt Jo"s mother-in-law. I know.........I'm my own Grandpa!!!! I was able to take care of half the peaches.......7 pints canned, 3 1/2 cups diced for jam and 9 - 1/2 cup diced peaches in packages for smoothies in the freezer. I blanched the corn and then cut it off the cob. I was able to freeze 3 - 4 cup bags. To use the corn I just drop package on counter a couple of times and then I just pour out how much I want to use and put bag back in freezer. I cooked the corn cobs in water to get juice to make Corn Cob Jelly.
On Sunday I finished peaches.......10 pints canned. I made a recipe of Corn Cob Jelly. The juice from the corn cobs is very pale. I added just a little yellow and red food coloring to the juice before I made the jelly.
I have Concord Grape juice thawing out in the refrigerator. It is the last of the Concord Grape juice I made out of Bobbie and Mike's grapes last year. I'll need to pick some more this year when they are ripe. I hope that I can also get some Prune Plums from Bobbie and Mike this year. I better email Bobbie and check on status of grapes and plums.
That reminds me I need to go blackberry picking!!!!!!!!!! I only have enough Blackberry juice in the freezer for 1 more recipe of Blackberry Jelly. Rich's favorite.

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