Monday, August 13, 2007

Homemade Cat Food

Rich read an article about making your own cat food for a healthier cat in AARP magazine for Sept/Oct 2007. It's called Chicken Stew. So we decided to make a recipe of it and see if Misty would like it. I should have know better to start out making the whole recipe. I should have only made half a recipe. It smelled really good cooking. It has chicken.............thank heavens it was on sale, garlic, green peas, carrots, sweet potato, zucchini, yellow squash, green beans, celery, kelp powder, rosemary and spring water. So I proceeded to cook all the ingredients for 2 hours like the recipe directed. It still smells really good!!!!!! After cooling they called it.......I deboned the chicken. Then you are supposed to puree everything in food processor in batches. It's almost ready for Misty to sample. She's rubbing up against my legs and reaching up. Her way of asking for a special treat. I let it cool just a bit and put about 1/4 cup of the stew in a dish. She was excited as I placed the dish on the floor....................until she smelled it. She then took her little paw and tried to cover it up..........does that tell you what she thought of her new stew? Okay, here I am with all this time and money for ingredients invested in this bowl of cat stew. What am I going to do????

By now Misty is again asking for a special treat. I opened up a can of tuna and put just a little in the bowl and stirred it up. She smelled it and decided it was okay to eat. She finished it off and jumped up on the freezer and proceeded to clean herself and went to sleep. Whew!!!!!!!! I'm not going to have to feed the Cat Stew to Rich for dinner or throw it out. I added the rest of the can of tuna, a can of sardines, and a can of minced clams to the stew.

It must be the fishy smell that made her think it was okay to eat. I put the rest in the refrigerator and will see if she will eat it again. If she does.......I'll freeze most of it in 1/4 cup servings for her.

For a joke I should put some in a bowl and tell Rich that Misty won't eat it and since I spent good money on the ingredients he is going to have to eat it for dinner tonight. ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cami said...

that's too funny that she didn't like the stew but good that you were able to Dr it up :)
my hubby would eat it as long as he liked it but he would definitely try it before throwing it out...he's totally weird like that! lol
have a GREAT day shirley!!!