Wednesday, April 19, 2006


It's been beautiful and sunny here in Southern Oregon. I've been out working on my square foot garden. I'm just getting it started this year so it's taking time and money to get it up and running. Having severe back and knee problems have made it necessary to have my garden in raised beds. I'm now able to stand up and garden without having to bend down or squat. I'll post photos soon!!!!!!!!!!

The sunshine felt so good today. I do have to be careful about being in the sun too much. Some of the medicines I take make me very sensitive to the sun. I burn easy........but having Native American heritage (Cherokee) I turn a dark bronze color.

I need to go shopping this weekend for seeds and plants. Just think in 28 days I'll be eating fresh radishes from my garden. I can't wait. I'm sooooooooo tired of eating what they sell as fresh radishes in the grocery store.

By the way my onions are about 2 inches tall and starting to take off growing. My garlic is huge!!!!!!!! I planted it last October and it's over 2 feet tall right now. It's regular garlic.........not elephant garlic. Some of the stalks are 1 inch across. In planting it I followed my late Grandpa's advice on growing garlic. He said to only plant the outer cloves of the garlic bulb and you would get the best results. Big cloves = big garlic bulbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Grandpa! I sure miss seeing you out on your Poppin' Johnny (Vintage John Deere Tractor) plowing and getting ready to garden.

I better get the gardening muck off and get some laundry done. Hey, Michelle!!! I'll be careful while doing the laundry. I agree...................HOUSEWORK CAN KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"May the spirit of the wolf watch over you and keep you safe."

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Bobbie said...

This time of year I really miss Grandpa and Grandma, I always think of them when we start our Garden. Which we haven't done yet, still too wet!!