Monday, May 08, 2006

Whew!! What a Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!!! Is all I can say about this weekend. I am enjoying my weekends so much now that I am no longer working. Before everytime there was events..........I had to work. I might also add that Rich now works 6am - 2:30pm Monday thru Friday and holidays off.

Rich and I started out the weekend on Saturday morning going to the Master Gardener's Plant Sale. We waited in line for about 30 minutes before the doors opened. Finally the doors opened and we got to go inside the building. Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many plants!!!!!!!

We're off and shopping. We were mainly looking for vegetable and herb plants. We bought and bought and bought. We ended up with 4 boxes of plants. What was really neat was that you didn't have to carry all of the boxes with you. The 4-H had set up an area that you could leave your plants and they would watch them. You received a number and nobody else could use that square. After we had finished shopping the young lady helped us carry the boxes to the checkout stand and then to the pickup.

We bought tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, okra, summer squash, cucumbers, cantaloupes, watermelons, lots of herbs and flower plants.

After the plant sale we went to several yard sales. We found lots of goodies!!!!!!!!!!! As if we need anymore goodies.

Next stop..................Wendy's for lunch. I was more than ready to set down for a while. My knees were starting to swell and become painful.

Next stop..................Bi-Mart. More gardening supplies and summer clothes for Rich and I. I found the cutest knit tops and shorts for $3.99 each. I bought 2 sets - one pink and one blue. We found some neat jean shorts and flip-flops for Rich.

Next stop.................Dad and Mae's. Rich had bought a set of mirrors for our pickup and Dad helped him put them on the pickup. Dad kept teasing Rich and telling him that the mirrors would fit his van better than our pickup. They are really nice looking.

Next stop................HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By now it's 2pm and I so want to participate in the National Scrapbooking Day events. I've always worked so I couldn't join in on all the fun. I decided to participate in one of the smaller sites: Create My Keepsake. It was so much fun.

There was 4 challenges: Make a card and 3 layouts.

The first was to make a Mother's Day Card by hand cutting design elements from patterned paper. Would you believe that a person with hundreds of sheet of patterned paper could not find one single sheet with any design on it that would work. I ended up printing my own paper and then cut out my designs.

The second was to create a list of 10 things you have always wanted to do, etc. I decided to to my list and layout on 10 places I would love to visit in my lifetime. I first made my list, picked out my paper and embellishments. When I finished up my layout I went to post it in the gallery for the challenge. I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know that Bobbie (my sister) was also participating in the challenge. I hadn't looked at any of the entries or talked to Bobbie (she lives 80 miles from me)................Our entries used the same patterned paper and colors, basically the same techniques and similar style.

The third was to create a layout using very little written journaling as possible and let the photos tell the story. I decided to use photos from the Pioneer Days parade. It really turned out cute.

The fourth was to create a layout using a ad photo. I decided to use photos from a mini-vacation to Gold Beach that Rich and I took in 2002. I've done layouts using ads before but I really love the way this one turned out.

We then had to take a SAT...........Scrapbook Appitute Test.

I didn't win any door prizes or big prizes. I did make the dean's list and I get a blinkie for posts.

All of that was Saturday. Stay tuned for Part Two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bobbie said...

So glad you had fun! Sounds like you are going to have a great garden. All we have so far is some tomato plants, but we have planted lots of flowers. LOL

Your layouts were super cute, and I am so glad you got to particiapte. I just love CMK, it is always fun and the ladies are all so nice.

Tanya said...

Sounds like a great day, Shirley. Glad you enjoyed it. =)

Cami said...

wow! you've been busy Shirley. great lo's & photos. Fun Blog too! thanX for sharing~