Monday, May 08, 2006

Whew!!!!!! What a Weekend!!!!!!!!!! Part Two

After sleeping in a little on Sunday we worked outside in the garden. First off you have to understand that my Rich grew up a city boy. His family never planted a garden or even flowers. I basically grew up a country girl. My family depended upon it's garden for food for summer and winter.

We planted some of the herbs, vegetables and flowers that we bought on Saturday. I decided to plant most of the herbs in a big round planter. I love the way it turned out. I may have too many plants in the planter............I'm not sure as I'm used to planting in a huge garden. Trial and error!!!!!!!!!!! That's life anyway.

Rich built me a raised bed garden this year because of my back and knees. It is based on Mel Barthlomew's square foot gardening. You can see part of the raised bed that the planter is sitting on in the photos. I will post more photos later of the raised bed.

Rich just had to take a photo of my dirty hands. I hate to wear gardening gloves because I love to feel the dirt as I'm working in the garden.

I took Rich's photo while he was standing there watching me plant my herb planter. I love the little grin he has on his face. He may not know much about gardening but he is always willing to learn and help me with the heavy lifting.

After working outside in the garden for about an hour we went inside and spent the rest of the day talking and watching a little TV.

Happy Gardening!!!!!!!!!

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